First-Time Art Collectors Enjoy Park West Auction Fun at Sea

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PARK WEST GALLERY CUSTOMERS provide us with lots of wonderful feedback about our art auctions and artists. We want to share the following compliments from an art collector who recently had their first experience at a Park West cruise art auction at sea…

“I wanted to let you know what a great time we had with Chris and Angie. They made it so much fun to go to the auctions.

I had never been to an auction before and wouldn’t have gone except that Chris was giving out some raffle tickets at another function on the ship.

I ended up with a winning ticket and went to the auction with my wife. What a blast! We ended up going to the next auction too.

After asking tons of questions and getting the answers in such a friendly manner, no matter how stupid we seemed (my art knowledge was the dogs playing poker) we ended up with 3 Krasnyansky’s, 3 Marcus Glenn’s, the entire free collection for winning, bonuses, etc. and a Peter Max.

They both went way above and beyond to help us and educate us. It was truly a pleasure meeting them.”

Steve & Rose W.
Omaha, Nebraska

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