Park West Auctioneer on the Advantages of a Career Selling Art at Sea

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PARK WEST GALLERY receives tons of fantastic testimonials from happy art collectors and we would especially like to thank our cruise auction customers for sending us such wonderful comments about Park West art auctions at sea – please keep them coming! Park West Art Auctioneers provide some fantastic feedback as well and we thought Park West customers might enjoy hearing from our cruise ship auctioneers as much as we do! Here’s just one recent Park West Art Auctioneer testimonial, and be sure to check back for more to be posted soon!

Park West art auction at sea

“Being a Park West Art Auctioneer has been a truly amazing opportunity. I have a diverse background ranging from time spent in the military and police, to hotels, plus several years in sales and sales management. Park West has given me the chance to combine my love for and studies in art and history with my passion for sales in a way that no other career could have.

Of course the financial rewards are amazing, but without job satisfaction, the money doesn’t mean much. I can honestly say that I love what I do! Introducing new collectors to the joy of collecting; seeing the amazement in people’s eyes as I show a Rembrandt and relate the compelling story behind these incredible works; the excitement and energy of running a live cruise art auction for hundreds of people.

No two days are ever the same! I still have to pinch myself sometimes when I realize that I’m enjoying coffee in Colombia, strolling down the canals of Venice, hiking over the rocks and tundra of Greenland, or sitting in the famed Blue Lagoon in Iceland…”

Michael T.
Park West Auctioneer

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  • John Myrah

    I had no idea the art auctions onboard cruise ships could be so much fun. My wife and I took our first cruise to Alaska last week where she led me to our first art auction. Initially I thought it would be boring but I would endure it to please my wife. Shortly into the auction as I listened to the auctioneer explain the nuances of each piece of art I became engrossed into his explanations of the history behind the art, the techniques used to create it, the artist himself and the value of each piece. We stayed for the whole first auction and attended each of the 2nd and last auctions buying additional art at each one. I did not expect to spend money on art during the cruise however we feel we’ve made a major change in the interior of our home as well as a good investment. Our Park West auctioneers onboard the Rhapsody of the Seas, Coleman Balogh and Tarun Rao, were both terrific in their presentation of the art as well as good honest people who were trying to both trying to educate and get the attendees interested in art as well as provide the art at very good prices. Coleman and Tarun accomplished both goals with us and we hope to see both again on future cruises.

    • Park West Gallery

      Thank you for sharing your cruise art auction experience with us! We’re so glad that you found the Park West auction both educational and entertaining – enjoy your artwork!

  • robert tauber

    I would love to get information about being part of your teams as an art auctioneer. Robert Tauber I will be living in florida in 2010.

    • Park West Gallery

      Hi Robert,
      We’ve passed your information along and you should be contacted by someone soon.
      Thanks for your interest!

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