Park West Gallery Artist Csaba Markus Unveils Caldographs

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For the first 15 years of his career, Csaba Markus didn’t sign his art because he was unsure of its quality.

Today, Markus’ signature is the finishing touch on an innovative new medium he is introducing to the art world: Caldographs.

Park West Gallery and Markus are proud to unveil these revolutionary works of art. The groundbreaking method fuses ancient techniques with modern technology to create mesmerizing art on wood.

Markus paints in a contemporary Renaissance style. He uses techniques from the European Renaissance to portray what he calls “modern-day Mona Lisas.” Specifically, Markus utilizes the “sfumato” shading techniques of Leonardo da Vinci.

To honor the 500th anniversary of da Vinci completing the “Mona Lisa,” Markus sought to create artwork that pays homage to the artistic genius and his famous painting.

“I want to continue, in the 21st century, to show the message that Leonardo da Vinci established with his work,” Markus says. “These are women who are beautiful, talented, smart, sensual and peaceful.”

Ciania Csaba Markus Caldograph Park West Gallery

“Ciania” (2016), Csaba Markus

To make his tribute more authentic, Markus chose wood as his medium. Painting on wood panels was the common practice until canvas became popular in 16th-century Italy. By using wood, Markus not only harkens to these times, but incorporates natural grain and textures into his works.

“I saw these wood panels, and thought, ‘Wow, we should recreate the Renaissance style with the same materials they used,’” Markus says. “It is a natural background you cannot recreate, so every caldograph is different.”


Creating a Caldograph

Woman of the Spring Csaba Markus Caldograph Park West Gallery

“Woman of the Spring” (2016), Csaba Markus

Markus uses a modern printing method known as dye sublimation to create his highly-detailed caldographs. The technique begins by processing Markus’ painting into a digital matrix. Once he is satisfied with the results, the matrix is transferred onto sublimation paper using water-based inks.

The name “caldograph” is a combination of the Italian word for hot (caldo) and the suffix “graph,” which means “to write.” Markus chose Caldo in reference to dye sublimation’s application of heat and pressure.

The inked paper is applied to a specially-coated wood panel using heat and pressure. The inks become gas and permeate the surface before returning to a solid form. The inks permanently bond to the wood on a molecular level, creating a brilliant, high-quality image.

After the image is transferred to the wood, each work is embellished by hand and finished with a protective, high-gloss varnish. Markus then signs the works of art.

Csaba Markus Caldograph Park West Gallery

Csaba Markus adds delicate details to one of his caldographs.

Markus says his signature is a mark of approval for his artwork, but he isn’t concerned if people don’t recognize it. Instead, he desires people to recognize his true signature.

“I want the quality of the art to talk, not my signature,” Markus says. “Every piece that has my signature should be of the absolute highest quality and very creative.”


Contact Park West Gallery at (800) 521-9654 ext. 4 or to learn more about collecting caldographs and other works by Csaba Markus.

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  • Dean Beveridge

    I have emailed sales enquiries about the Csaba Markus works. Not getting replies.

  • Angela

    I lost several Csaba Markus pieces in a fire and have e-mailed several times about getting new pieces with no response.

  • Ms Larsen

    Interested in selling csaba markus

  • Paul B

    I recently bought Woman of the Spring, Caldograph, the finish is truly spectacular, with the high clarity and glossy finish.

  • Josh F.

    My girlfriend and I checked out the art auction on our recent cruise. We had NO intention of purchasing anything, but then I saw some of Csaba Markus’ work, and I HAD to have it. We ended up buying $12K worth of his art because it is so gorgeous. This is our first genuine art purchase, too.

  • Jaqui Bradley

    Just met Csaba Markus at the VIP art event in Marina del Rey. It was a true pleasure. We already had one piece of his but fell in love with a couple of his caldographs. Csaba was an absolute delight and Jason, the auctioneer, is definitely one of the very best. A fabulous weekend all around.

  • Lawrence Hipson

    Recently purchased a caldograph on our cruise, by Sam Park. Like it very much .

  • Ann Bocchino

    Sitting here reading the comments surrounded by my nine Csaba Markus pieces of art. They bring joy to me every day!

  • Peter John Riddell

    Last year my wife and I purchased Bella Ina while cruising Asia.
    Our visitors often say “WOW”
    Our granddaughter asked “why are that ladies eyes always looking at me!”

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