François Boucheix’s romantic canvases

Surrealist painter François Boucheix said the desire for more romantic canvases led him to the “happy” surrealism revealed by his artwork. In 1965, he abandoned sad surrealism and turned his [...]


A visit to Musée Boucheix

Park West's founder and CEO Albert Scaglione and his wife Mitsie this month visited with the colorful surrealist painter François Boucheix at his museum in Vichy, France. Albert visited with the [...]


A Visit with Surrealist François Boucheix

When Albert and Marc Scaglione were in France this summer, they visited surrealist François Boucheix in the spa town of Vichy. Boucheix decided long ago to paint colorful images from his happy [...]


Five Days in France with Park West Gallery

An exclusive look at Albert and Marc Scaglione's recent excursion to connect with Park West artists in France.