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Many of our Park West collectors develop friendships with the art teams over the course of their land or sea vacations. Here’s a chance to get to know them more as they share their favorite adventures in the art world.

Lloyd Flay worked on land with high-end luxury brands such as Rolex Watch Company and Patek Philippe for the better part of seven years and wanted a change of scene. He began working retail on luxury cruise ships. While working on a cruise ship, he met Maggie Galvin, who was working as an associate for Park West Gallery. Their transatlantic relationship quickly turned into a career partnership, resulting in a swift rise in the ranks of Park West’s top auctioneers.

Auctioneers Maggie Gavin and Lloyd Flay. (Photo courtesy of Maggie Gavin and Lloyd Flay)

Auctioneers Maggie Gavin and Lloyd Flay. (Photo courtesy of Maggie Gavin and Lloyd Flay)

Previous ships as Auctioneer: Carnival (CCL) Fantasy, CCL Sunshine, CCL Valor, and Royal Caribbean International Brilliance of the Seas

Current ship: CCL Vista


Where is your hometown?

Lloyd: I was born and raised in Cardiff, Wales. If you’ve never been before it’s truly worth a plane ticket, even at today’s prices. I only realized what a great city it was after having had the opportunity to travel around the world.

Maggie: Cleveland, Ohio – the greatest location in the nation!


When did you start working as an international art dealer on cruise ships?

Lloyd: I began with Park West Gallery in September 2014. Previously I joined ships working as a watch specialist where I discovered the onboard art program through Maggie, who is now my better half; and the brains and beauty of our art program.

Maggie: I started with Park West in January 2014. Before that I was working at a childcare center throughout college. I loved the feeling of teaching a child something new and seeing their face light up with curiosity and intrigue, which is so similar to the feeling of seeing our guests fall in love with our artists.


What do you like most about being an auctioneer?

Lloyd: I love making art accessible to people and helping them collect something they will enjoy for a lifetime. I also enjoy being in front of a captive audience and subjecting them to terrible jokes, most of which I blame my father for.


Who is your favorite Park West artist and why?

Lloyd: Like most collectors, my tastes vary.  From the masters, undoubtedly, my pick is Joan Miró. I can still look at Miró works that I’m familiar with and always see something new, contemplating not only his symbolism, but also his unparalleled skill in the creation of graphic works.  For a contemporary artist, it has to be Yaacov Agam.

Maggie: I love all of our artists, so choosing one is tough. It has to be a tie between Anatole Krasnyansky and Nano Lopez. I love that I can look at any Krasnyansky artwork and find something new no matter how many times I’ve seen it. Nano is the perfect artist for Lloyd and me. We collected Ema, an adorable hippo, and we cannot wait to receive her. The dedication and effort Nano puts into each and every sculpture is astounding.


What is your favorite client memory?

Maggie: The one memory that really stands out has to be Matt and Joff. Joff has a degenerative eye condition that is causing him to lose his eyesight. They fell in love with Krasnyansky’s artwork eight years ago and have been collecting him ever since. Despite losing the ability to see the details in Krasnyansky’s works, Joff still adores it because of the bright, vivid colors that Krasnyansy is known for.

Lloyd Flay and Maggie Gavin enjoying an adventure during a port visit. (Photo courtesy of Lloyd Flay and Maggie Gavin)

Lloyd Flay and Maggie Gavin enjoying an adventure during a port visit. (Photo courtesy of Lloyd Flay and Maggie Gavin)

What is your favorite port or a travel tip for the readers?

Lloyd: Quick tip I can summarize with very few words: Cruise in the Norwegian fjords.

Maggie: I tell everyone if they enjoy multiple days at sea, do a repositioning cruise. If you want to do a transatlantic, try to get an itinerary that includes Ponta Delgada, Azores. The island feels like you’ve entered into another time. Azores is known for its wine, cheeses, and pineapples, and I can personally attest to this, all three are incredible!


Please tell us about your experience on being an auctioneer aboard the Carnival Vista.

Lloyd: Needless to say it’s a big privilege and a beautiful ship. There is more of an expectation of a ‘flagship experience’ which is something Maggie and I thrive on. It has pushed us to try new things and to create an onboard experience where, even if you’ve been to 1,000 auctions and seminars, you’ll have something new and different to take away from ours. I would call it hard work, but it’s not work if you love what you do.


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  • Ted Fredrick

    My wife and I absolutely love Maggie and Lloyd, despite his jokes. We met on the Vista transatlantic, and like all Park West auctioneers we’ve met, they personify professionalism, love of art and love of life. So happy to see them featured here.

  • Alan & Cindy Roeckel

    Maggie and Lloyd are the best! We met them on the transatlantic Vista and loved every auction and event. We learned a great deal about many artists that sparked an interest to know more. They are a perfect couple.

  • Linda Moses

    Met these two in the Sunshine. Enjoyed getting to know both of them. We were adamant we were not buying in art on the cruise but that did not last through the first auction. We walked if with multiple pieces of art.

  • Chris and Betty Aldi

    We first met Lloyd and Maggie on the Carnival Sunshine one year ago when we purchased more artwork. It was a thrill to be with them again on the Vista on in maiden USA cruise out of New York City.

  • John Nagle

    My wife and I met Lloyd and Maggie on the Transatlantic Vista crossing. The experience was incredible! No hassles, not pushy, just lots of fun and very informative.

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