Artist Birthdays December 28 – FELIX VALLOTTON

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FELIX VALLOTTON (Dec. 28, 1865 – Dec. 29, 1925)

  • Nationality: Swiss-born/French
  • Field: Painting, printmaking
  • Art Movement: The Nabis
  • ARTiFact: The woodcuts he produced during the 1890s were recognized as radically innovative in printmaking, establishing him as a leader in the revival of true woodcut as an artistic medium.
  • Artist Quote: “The life I live is literally the opposite of the life I dreamed of. I love seclusion, silence, cultivated thinking and reasoned action – and I have to deal with machinations, foolish talk and vain affectation.”
  • Notable Artwork (shown below): La Paresse, 1895.

Felix Vallotton. Paresse, 1895.

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