The Art of Football: 10 Works of Art to Pump You Up for the Super Bowl

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The Super Bowl one of the biggest sporting events in the world, and the National Football League goes beyond the cameras to capture the excitement of the game—it calls upon the talents of Park West Gallery artists.

The worlds of sports and art might seem mutually exclusive, but Park West artists like Charles Fazzino beg to differ. He would know, after all—he’s been the NFL’s official artist for the Super Bowl for nearly 20 years.

Since 2001, Fazzino has used his 3-D Pop art style to design Super Bowl posters, helmets, and more. In an interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Fazzino talked about the positive impact of portraying sports in art.

“Die-hard sports fans who have no interest in art become art lovers,” Fazzino said. “People really warm up to it. It is a gateway into art, and they don’t realize they are getting into it.”

Charles Fazzino Park West Gallery

“Super Bowl XXXV Tribute” Charles Fazzino

Fazzino follows in the footsteps of other prominent Park West artists who have been tasked with representing the excitement of the big game. Pop art icon Peter Max served as the first official Super Bowl artist, holding the position for five years. LeRoy Neiman, who was world famous for his expressionist paintings of athletes, musicians, and sports events, also designed original artwork for the Super Bowl.

Peter Max Park West Gallery

“Super Bowl XXVIII” (1994), Peter Max

Other notable Park West artists have brought their unique flair to the annual championship game as well. For instance, Pop artist Romero Britto teamed up with Cirque de Soleil to perform the pre-game act for Super Bowl XLI, while Detroit-based artist Marcus Glenn created art for special pre-Super Bowl XL events held in 2006.

In celebration of this year’s Super Bowl, we’ve assembled some of our favorite football art from the Park West Gallery collection.

Romero Britto Super Bowl Park West Gallery

“Super Bowl” (2017), Romero Britto


Dominic Pangborn Park West Gallery

“Superbowl VIII” (2006), Dominic Pangborn


Victor Spahn Park West Gallery

“Football” (1999) Victor Spahn


LeRoy Neiman Park West Gallery

“Satellite Football” (1982), LeRoy Neiman


“Olive Football Player w/ Martini” (2016), Michael Godard


Marcus Glenn Park West Gallery

“No Playing Football in the House” (2006), Marcus Glenn. From The Super Bowl XL Series


“Super Bowl XXVIII” Warner Bros. Studio


Duaiv Park West Gallery

“Modern Football” (2013), Duaiv

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