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Pino Park West Gallery

Sweet Vision” (released 2015), Pino

Some say American illustration began with Norman Rockwell and ended with Pino. Now you have the opportunity to collect unique paintings and more during our limited-time Pino Sale.

Our new Spring Sale collection features more than 50 works by the late artist. From early Harlequin novel illustrations to the Impressionistic, figurative works he is remembered by, this collection is an all-encompassing look into Pino’s creative genius.

“Very few painters are able to capture the level of emotion that Pino was able to capture seemingly effortlessly in his figurative paintings,” says Park West Gallery Director David Gorman. “His efficiency of line and painterly style did not occur without hard work. His technical brilliance is the product of a life-long dedication to his craft.”

Born in Italy in 1939, Pino immigrated to the United States 40 years later, where he quickly found work illustrating book covers for some of the biggest publishers, including Harlequin and Penguin USA. His hand-painted cover art was hugely popular, particularly for the romance novel genre, making him a global celebrity.

Pino Park West Gallery

Margaret Normanby” (Signet, 1979), Pino

In 1992, after years of success, Pino left the publishing industry to pursue a career in fine art. At that time, publishing companies were transitioning from traditional to digital art, making Pino one of the last practitioners of this exacting technique.

“My father was the last great illustrator that painted by hand, oil on board,” says Max Dangelico, Pino’s son. “He ended up being the most popular artist of his time.”

Pino Park West Gallery

Close to my Heart” (2006), Pino

Park West’s sale offers Pino’s unique works and a limited number of original book cover paintings. We’re also proud to offer Pino’s painting studies, which are colorful works that the artist created in preparation for other works in progress. They provide a fascinating window into the artist’s creative process and are a perfect complement to the works found in this collection.

Pino Park West Gallery

Mediterranean Breeze” (2018 release), Pino

This sale also gives Pino collectors access to the artist’s mixed-media drawings—Pino would often experiment with other mediums, mixing pastels and watercolor to create evocative, ethereal illustrations.

For collectors seeking Pino’s most iconic imagery, this new Pino sale is offering 24 limited-edition giclées on canvas. Each work is hand-embellished, capturing the essence of Pino’s masterful brushstrokes and adding a dramatic element to his best-known compositions.

As an illustrator, Pino revolutionized the publishing world, creating more than 3,000 book covers during his career. As a fine artist, he brilliantly captured themes of love and family in his unforgettable paintings. Sadly, Pino passed away in 2010, but he left behind an amazing body of work that still resonates with viewers to this day.


This collection will only be available for a limited time. If you’re interested in the works of Pino, contact our gallery consultants at (800) 521-9654 ext. 4 or for information.

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