Visit the “Abstract Sensualism” exhibition featuring Chris DeRubeis

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Chris DeRubeis Abstract Sensualism

“Opposites Attract” (2014), Chris DeRubeis

Sparks flying from grinded metal, chemicals and pigments swirling together, metallic canvases on fire or frozen – all blend together to form the Abstract Sensualism® of artist Chris DeRubeis.

Park West Gallery will unveil 59 new works by the abstract artist during his solo exhibition, “Abstract Sensualism®,” held Oct. 23 to Nov. 20 at Park West Gallery in Southfield, Michigan.

This is DeRubeis’ first solo exhibition with Park West Gallery. To celebrate the occasion, the public is invited to meet DeRubeis during an opening reception held from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Oct. 25.

DeRubeis, a Los Angeles native, prefers to work with metal, masterfully manipulating his custom blend of pigments and chemicals while utilizing power tools and burning and freezing techniques on mediums like aluminum. He calls his style “Abstract Sensualism®,” referring to the organic and soft, sleek aesthetics he creates.

“I use different abrasive power tools for different grinding actions for the backgrounds, and then I use a mixture of mixed media –chemicals and paints – to apply to the piece,” DeRubeis says.

Chris DeRubeis

Chris DeRubeis (Image used with permission from David Smith)

The effects are mesmerizing. By simply walking past a DeRubeis work, or even tilting your head, the paintings seem to come to life, capturing the light and causing the colors to dance on the metal.

“Rather than simply painting on metal, DeRubeis incorporates the metallic surface into his paintings, creating works that give the illusion of movement, an effect one can only fully experience in person,” says David Gorman, Gallery Director for Park West Gallery.

At the exhibition, DeRubeis will feature abstract art as well as figurative art and still lifes, many of which will be shown to the public for the first time. Specifically, DeRubeis says he will debut a new series of still lifes that differs from his normal style as well as single-panel abstracts.

“It’ll be a pretty big variety,” DeRubeis says of the collection. “Some of it I’ve been painting for the last few months.”

Each work takes around three weeks to complete. DeRubeis considers his creative process to be “controlled chaos,” and due to the nature of this process, no two works of art are ever alike, even if they share the same title.

“In a constant quest to challenge the limits of painting, Chris DeRubeis has achieved a creative process that is unparalleled,” Gorman says. “Individuals like DeRubeis, who have changed the way we look at and interact with art, are those revered in art history.”

Chris DeRubeis

“Earth, Wind, Fire, Water” (2014), Chris DeRubeis

This unique style caught the attention of the art world in 2005. DeRubeis was honored with two nominations by the First Annual Fine Art Awards, held in Las Vegas. Nominated in the “Mixed Media” and “New Movement” categories, he earned the MUSE Award in “New Movement.” DeRubeis dedicated his award to his grandfather, who played an integral role in his becoming an artist.

The exhibition at Park West Gallery is an opportunity to not only view and own one-of-a-kind artwork by DeRubeis, but to collect it with the artist during the opening reception.

Admission is free to the public. Gallery hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sundays. For more information or to RSVP for the opening, call 248-354-2343 or visit

View the Chris DeRubeis collection here.

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