Michigan loves Marcus Glenn

Since being named the official artist for the 2014 Grammy awards, Marcus Glenn has been feeling the love locally as city, county and state leaders have offered him certified kudos in the form of [...]

Yaacov Agam leaves his mark in NYC, again

Yaacov Agam, the Father of Kinetic Art, winding down a multi-week visit to New York, dined at the celebrated Per Se restaurant with his son and fellow Park West Gallery artist Ron Agam. The duo [...]

Autumn de Forest inspires girls via popular site

Sweetyhigh, a popular online platform that engages girls and celebrates their creativity, turned to Autumn de Forest for tips on art and inspiration. The young artist is committed to encouraging [...]

Martiros Manoukian: Nature, passion and breaking rules

Meet Martiros Manoukian. The Armenian-born artist’s work is collected worldwide, and he’s recently joined the Park West family of artists. Martiros fearlessly combines color and materials [...]

Original art inspired by America’s original music

Park West artists Marcus Glenn and Tim Yanke are making music with their art by donating original works that will be auctioned to benefit the annual Les DeMerle Amelia Island Jazz Festival in [...]

The art of staying fit: Malibu Chronicle features PW’s Albert Scaglione

Close to 15 years ago, Park West Gallery CEO and founder, Albert Scaglione, put fitness near the top of his daily to-do list. The April/May issue of Malibu Chronicle magazine features [...]

A fascination with art: A VIP profile

In 2007, an Albrecht Dürer etching at a Park West Gallery event grabbed Victor Baker’s attention. Since then, his passion for art has continued to grow. “I didn’t know the first thing about art,” [...]

Artistic creation and Anatole Krasnyansky

In the Malibu Chronicle, reporter Tommy Hawkins writes … “Describing Krasnyansky’s body of work is not a simple task.  His creations are colorful, complex, evocative and energetic.  [...]