Learn How Thomas Kinkade Became the World-Famous ‘Painter of Light’

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It’s hard to think of a more famous contemporary artist than the late great Thomas Kinkade. Not only did he become one of the most collected artists in modern history, but he also created his own thriving art studio that’s devoted to carrying on his legacy as the “Painter of Light” for generations to come.

How did he do it? You can learn more about how Kinkade changed the art world in this exclusive new video by Park West Gallery.

The video dives into Kinkade’s history with archival footage of the artist himself—he tragically passed away in 2012—and original commentary from Kinkade’s brother, Patrick, and Kinkade historian Denise Sanders.

Thomas Kinkade's brother, Patrick Kinkade

Thomas Kinkade’s brother, Patrick Kinkade

For this production, Park West journeyed to Carmel, California to showcase the idyllic small-town life that inspired many of Kinkade’s most iconic paintings.

Patrick Kinkade told us, “As a ‘Painter of Light,’ my brother’s work impacted millions. I am very proud of him in that regard. His work provides comfort and a sense of home, and the people who enjoy his work are forever touched.”

"Carmel Sunset on Ocean Avenue," Thomas Kinkade

“Carmel Sunset on Ocean Avenue,” Thomas Kinkade

Kinkade got the nickname “The Painter of Light” for his astonishing ability to imbue his paintings with a sense of warmth and natural illumination. In a video clip, we get to see Kinkade working on one of his canvases.

As he paints, he tells the viewer, “The lights in the window need just a little extra pop. So I bring them some pigment and you can see it here that that little extra bit of pigment creates the sense of glow within the window.”

"Lamplight Manor," Thomas Kinkade

“Lamplight Manor,” Thomas Kinkade

The video also talks about the creation of Thomas Kinkade Studios, which continues to create amazing art to this day.

Kinkade historian Denise Sanders notes that, “Thomas Kinkade Studios was started by Thom in the 1990s. It was him and him alone. What he wanted to do was bring in a group of artists that could learn from him and he could learn from them. It was always a collaborative effort. He was part of the studios until the day he died. Now, the studio has taken over and it’s continued the Kinkadian style.”

"Mickey & Minnie Sweetheart Campfire," Thomas Kinkade Studios

“Mickey & Minnie Sweetheart Campfire,” Thomas Kinkade Studios

Though he passed too soon, Thomas Kinkade achieved something that most artists only dream about—he crafted an undeniable artistic legacy that will continue brightening the world well into the future.

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