Thomas Kinkade art on canvas now available

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Thomas Kinkade holiday

“Holiday Gathering” (1998), Thomas Kinkade

Park West Gallery is releasing limited-edition artwork on canvas from the late Thomas Kinkade.

The Park West Gallery reputation for being the largest privately-owned gallery in the world has led to amazing partnerships with renowned artists and their estates. Among them is Art Brand Studios from whom Park West has acquired works by Kinkade, the most collected artist of his time.

Kinkade (1958 -2012) dreamed of making his art available to everyone, painting landscapes, cabin and nature scenes, beautiful gardens and lighthouses that radiated warmth and light. He became known as the “Painter of Light.” His wish was that his art would act as a messenger of hope and to inspire others to slow down and appreciate life.

As a result, Kinkade became one of the most collected artists of his time, selling more canvases than any other painter in history, including Picasso, Rembrandt, Gauguin, Monet, Manet, Renior and Van Gogh combined. This also means that some of his most sought-after images are nearly impossible to acquire.

In honor of Kinkade’s aim to make his art accessible, Park West Gallery is offering collectors the opportunity to acquire limited-edition graphic works on canvas of six Kinkade paintings.

“We appreciate that Park West shares our vision of maintaining the collectability of Thomas Kinkade artwork and honoring the Kinkade legacy,” states James Lambert, vice president of marketing for the Thomas Kinkade Company.

Thomas Kinkade canvas

“Quiet Evening” (1998), Thomas Kinkade

These editions are only distributed to international galleries, and are not available to U.S. galleries. Additionally, the few galleries in Canada and the U.K. that have them are not permitted to ship the “International Proofs” to the U.S., making it extremely difficult to acquire them.

However, since Park West is an international art dealer aboard more than 100 cruise ships, collectors gain access to these works through Park West’s cruise ship art auctions and its Michigan gallery.

The original paintings used as studies for the editions were created by Kinkade and certified by the artist before his passing. They are among the top 25 best-selling images by Kinkade, and three are in the top 10 (“Holiday Gathering,” “Quiet Evening” and “San Francisco, Lombard Street”).

Thomas Kinkade canvas

“San Francisco, Lombard Street” (2001), Thomas Kinkade

“The artwork of Thomas Kinkade has inspired millions of collectors from around the world,” Lambert says. “We are thrilled about the opportunity to partner with Park West Gallery CEO Albert Scaglione and Park West Gallery, and believe this is an exciting growth opportunity for both parties.”

These limited-edition giclees on canvas are hand-embellished by Thomas Kinkade Studio apprentices trained by Kinkade himself. The original images are based upon paintings by Kinkade and certified with an accompanying Certificate of Authenticity. The edition titles are “Holiday Gathering,” “Quiet Evening,” “San Francisco, Lombard Street,”  “Hometown Morning,” “Forest Chapel” and “New Day Dawning.”

An estimated 10 million collectors own some form of Kinkade’s art, or at least one of his licensed products, and now there is the chance to own a limited-edition graphic work on canvas.

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