The Art of Peter Max Kicks Off Park West’s 2019 Winter Sale

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Sale Extended to Celebrate Our 50th Anniversary

Park West Gallery Peter Max

Peter Max art at Park West Gallery

Our new limited-time sale features more than 40 colorful and iconic works of art by Peter Max, now available at special pricing. You can view the full collection here.

To commemorate our 50th anniversary, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve extended this sale through January, giving our collectors even more opportunities to own unique art by Max!

The highlights of this collection are 30 one-of-a-kind paintings capturing some of Max’s most famous motifs—the Umbrella Man, the Statue of Liberty, Blushing Beauty, Angel with Heart, and more. These are in limited supply, so be sure to grab your favorite while it’s still available.

Umbrella Man I Ver. XIII” (2016), Peter Max

In addition to his paintings, this sale gives collectors access to etchings, acrylic sculptures, serigraphs, and mixed-media works created by Max, all of which bear the artist’s signature color palette and Neo-Expressionist style.

Max is one of the most famous artists living today, with a career spanning more than five decades. His cosmic art has been exhibited in museums around the globe and he’s served as the official artist for international sporting events like the Olympics and Super Bowl, to name just a few of his accomplishments.



This sale has been extended through January 2019, so contact our gallery consultants at (800) 521-9654 ext. 4 during business hours or after hours to learn how you can collect the art of Peter Max.



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  • Richard Baron

    We love Peter Max.We have a house full

  • Michael Tulley

    We have one Peter Max purchased on a cruise. What are the price points we are looking at, and where can they be viewed first hand?

  • Dayle Bruno

    We would like to come to the gallery to see the many works of different artists. We have attended an auction and have really enjoyed this new hobby. It would be really fabulous if you have any events at the gallery itself

  • Mel Rothberg

    Just off the NCL Bliss. Conrad, Divna and Milos were a great team and assisted my wife, daughter and son in law with knowledge, kindness and patience in accommodating our purchases. Having been with Park West since 1970 I find it better and better every yesr. Congratulations on a very successful model to be envied.

    • Karen

      I am interested in the Umbrella Man # 393.

  • Kenneth Clements

    We purchased our first Peter Max from Park West on a cruise about 15 years ago. We have since filled our hallways with Max. We have met Peter many times, in fact we had Peter paint our family portrait. Our Max paintings will endure our family walls for generations to come.

  • Caroline Fischer

    I purchased my first Peter Max in April this year on a cruise and love it.
    Going on a cruise next month and hope to purchase another.
    Next time in America will definitely be looking for an Art Gallery with Peter Max on display.

  • Robert Miller

    Our home is full of paintings and our favorites are the Peter Max works of art.

  • Laura Owen

    I’m looking for two hearts max piece.
    I will be cruising this February on princess

  • Lee Coleman

    We just bought our first two Peter Max, on our cruise to the Panama Cancal, in November, on the Bliss. Very proud to finely receive them and hang them for all to see.

  • Sally Adelblue

    We purchased multiple Peter Max while on the Breakaway last September along with a few other artists, where can we see the available pieces?

  • Rene n Mel

    We purchased our first Peter Max Statue of Liberty spring 2017 in Orlando auction. Is hanging in our home. Hope to have more pieces soon.

  • Yvonne Lorenzo

    I live in New Jersey. How can I take advantage of the Peter Max sale?

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