How Visionary Victor Vasarely Created the Op Art Movement

As an artist, Victor Vasarely turned quite late to his destiny.

Defining Cubism: Art’s Ability to Shatter and Build Again

One of the reasons LEGOs are still popular today is their versatility. Those ubiquitous blocks can create anything: a race car, a vase, even the Eiffel Tower. But did you ever wonder where this [...]

What Is Abstract Art? How Artists Make Something Out of Nothing

The kind of people who wander through museums proclaiming “I could’ve made that!” love to criticize abstract art. Perhaps that’s because it’s so hard to define. What is abstract art anyway? Is it [...]

Park West Video Vault: Rare Interview with Op Art’s Victor Vasarely

In this exclusive two-part series, Albert Scaglione talks with Vasarely about his life and work.

Victor Spahn featured in book on Gordes artistic history

  Park West artist Victor Spahn is inspired by the landscapes he sees and visits, so it’s no wonder that due to his love of his homeland, he is featured in a new French publication. Spahn is [...]

Happy Birthday Victor Vasarely!

On this day in 1906, the father of Op Art was born in Pecs, Hungary.

Park West Auction at Sea Offers Artwork of Exceptional Quality

We are proud to share the following compliments from some art collectors who recently enjoyed a Park West cruise art auction at sea.