Detroit Artist Tim Yanke Is Driven by the Motor City

Park West artist and native Detroiter Tim Yanke says the Motor City’s two underlying foundations – the automobile industry and music – have directly influenced his career as an artist. “You’re a [...]

Tim Yanke’s Dragonflies and Doodles

Following Tim Yanke’s solo show during Park West Gallery’s “Detroit’s Finest” exhibition series, learn from the artist what inspires two of his most iconic images: the dragonfly and [...]

The poppy flower paintings of Dominic Pangborn

Peeling back the red petals reveals there is much more to the poppy paintings of Dominic Pangborn than meets the eye. One of the mainstays of Pangborn’s evolutionary art is the poppy flower. [...]

Examining the Innovative Art in Motion of Dominic Pangborn

Dominic Pangborn is considered an evolutionist, continually seeking new ideas and ways to approach art. This is demonstrated perhaps most vividly through his Art in Motion (AIM). An Art in [...]

The astronomical work of Dominic Pangborn

Few things can match the wonder and majesty of staring into the night sky, but Dominic Pangborn has captured that wonder in his evolutionary style with astronomical artwork. Most of Pangborn’s [...]

View Dominic Pangborn’s evolutionary art at “Detroit’s Finest”

Detroit artist Dominic Pangborn is opening the archives for his first solo exhibition at Park West Gallery. Park West Gallery will host the third of its “Detroit’s Finest” series July 26 to [...]

“Detroit’s Finest” in C&G Newspapers

Park West Gallery and its “Detroit’s Finest” exhibition series was recently featured in C&G Newspapers. The article describes the three-part series, which features Detroit [...]

Tim Yanke featured in The Oakland Press

Tim Yanke is making headlines in his hometown with his solo exhibition at Park West Gallery. The Oakland Press interviewed Yanke about his exhibition held during Park West Gallery’s “Detroit’s [...]

Marcus Glenn on Detroit Public TV

Marcus Glenn, one of three artists in Park West Gallery’s “Detroit’s Finest” exhibition series, was recently featured on Detroit Public TV. Glenn appears in an episode [...]

Tim Yanke, an American Original

When asked about his style, Tim Yanke found himself remembering a conversation with fellow Park West artist Csaba Markus. “Every time he talks to me, he tells me ‘you have the best name, [...]

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