Romero Britto’s influence on Miami art

One of the charms of Romero Britto’s vibrant artwork is its representation of his pride for where he lives. Britto’s artwork shows shades of using bright colors to express himself; he learned the [...]

Romero Britto inducted into Florida Artists Hall of Fame

Park West artist Romero Britto has been recognized by the state of Florida for his influence on the world through his art. Britto, along with fellow artist Jane Davis Doggett, was inducted into [...]

Romero Britto nominated by Coca-Cola to carry Olympic Torch in 2016

Romero Britto and Coca-Cola, two effervescent forces that aim to spread happiness, are partnering up to celebrate the 2016 Summer Olympics with special art and events. Earlier this year, Park [...]

Romero Britto named ambassador for 2016 Olympics

World-renowned Park West Gallery artist Romero Britto has been selected to represent his native country when the 2016 Olympics come to Brazil. Not in a sport, of course, but as an energetic [...]

Rio Carnival 2012 Honors Pop Art Icon Romero Britto

Brazilian-born pop art icon Romero Britto is being honored during this year's Carnival celebration.