Marc Chagall’s Bible Series: How the Artist Brought the Bible to Life

Now considered a pioneer of modernism, 20th-century artist artist Marc Chagall risked damaging that reputation when he created a graphic series based on one of art’s most ancient subjects: The [...]

Behind the Artist: Marc Chagall

At its height, Modernism rested upon a single conviction: to illuminate humankind’s brutal truths. Unlike many of his avant-garde peers, Russian-born artist Marc Chagall showcased his creative [...]

7 Interesting Facts About Marc Chagall You Probably Didn’t Know

Marc Chagall, born July 7, 1887, is credited as being a pioneer of modern art with a style that borrowed from fauvism, expressionism and cubism, but cannot be pigeonholed into one category. His [...]

An Introduction to Picasso’s ‘Suite Vollard’

Learn about one of Picasso’s most important sets of etchings.

The British Museum Becomes First to Publicly Display Picasso’s ‘Suite Vollard’ in its Entirety

The British Museum is displaying Pablo Picasso’s “Suite Vollard” in its entirety, free to the public.

Picasso’s Suite Vollard Exhibit Inaugurated in India

The Fundación Mapfre and the Cervantes Institute have opened the exhibition Vollard Suite by Pablo Picasso.

Park West Gallery Re-Launches Pablo Picasso Website

Park West Gallery is pleased to announce the re-launch of its Pablo Picasso Website, including expanded information about Picasso's 347 Series and the La Celestine images.