Salvador Dali and Walt Disney’s Destino

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Salvador Dali and Walt Disney“Dear Park West Gallery Customer,

My name is Michael Young and I am the CEO of Collectors Editions, the company which holds the fine art licensing rights for the Salvador Dali – Walt Disney collaboration, Destino.

Park West Gallery is an authorized dealer for the artwork published by Collectors Editions from the Dali – Disney Destino project.

The Destino project itself is quite interesting and historically unique. It is really the only true example of animated Salvador Dali art in film.

When Dali was living in California during the 1940’s he met Walt Disney at the home of Jack Warner and they decided based on their mutual respect for each other’s work to collaborate.

Dali considered Disney to be one of America’s great surrealist artists. They chose a Mexican love ballad as the theme and for many months at the Disney studios, Dali created drawings, paintings and storyboards for the project. For various reasons the project was never completed and the original art was left in the Disney vaults.

In 1999, Roy E. Disney, nephew of Walt, remembered the existence of the art and with his team reprised the project. The film was screened throughout the world, won numerous awards and the artwork has just completed a world museum tour where it appeared in the exhibition, Dali and Cinema.

The Destino artworks published by Collectors Editions are of the highest quality graphic fine art works and have included various media: etchings, lithographs and serigraphs – from Dali’s originals as well as quintessential moments from the film. The works are subjected to the highest scrutiny of artistic quality and are created in strictly limited editions.

Congratulations on acquiring your works from Destino, and I wish you many years of enjoyment.”

Michael Young
President, Collectors Editions

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