Park West Gallery Tours Dominic Pangborn’s Studio

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The Park West Gallery bloggers recently visited artist Dominic Pangborn at his studio in Detroit, Michigan…. and we’ve brought back photos to share with everyone!

Dominic Pangborn's Studio in Detroit, Michigan

What was most evident during the studio visit was Pangborn’s unwavering passion for art and for life in general; he never stops creatively exploring new mediums, new techniques, and new ideals. He generates over 2,500 to 3,000 drawings per year, which serve as inspirations for his paintings. His paintings are diverse, ranging from non-representational abstracts to photo realism. His favorite style to work in is his own: personal figurative expressionism in multi-media.

Dominic’s images capture his imagination and unending creativity no matter what medium he chooses to work in. For him, it’s all about expressing his inner soul. When Dominic looks at his drawings from the past, he looks at them with the same curiosity as other onlookers; he often wonders what he was thinking of while he was creating them.

Visit Flickr for a photo tour of Dominic Pangborn’s Detroit studio

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