Park West Gallery Presents 2016 Pino Collection

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As an accomplished illustrator and celebrated painter, Pino Daeni was a remarkably multi-faceted artist. To represent Pino’s colorful artistic legacy, Park West Gallery presents a diverse assortment of Pino’s artwork in the 2016 Pino Collection.


"Camberleigh" (Berkley 1985) Pino

Camberleigh” (Berkley 1985) Pino

Pino began his artistic career as a book illustrator for several major publishing companies. Starting in Italy and eventually moving to the United States, Pino quickly became a highly sought-after illustrator in the publishing industry. His sensual illustrations of women and romance can be found on the covers of thousands of novels from the 1980s and 1990s. Park West Gallery’s Pino collection features some of his most vibrant illustrations.

Classic Paintings

"Afternoon Tea" (2004) Pino

Afternoon Tea” (2004) Pino

After establishing a successful reputation as a book illustrator, Pino went on to fulfill his dream of becoming a fine artist. Pino’s most well-known paintings feature women and family scenes in his signature “Contemporary Realism” style. Park West Gallery is the exclusive dealer for Pino’s estate and home to the extremely limited artwork he left behind.

Watercolor Artwork

Pino’s one-of-a-kind watercolor paintings are perhaps the centerpiece of the 2016 Pino Collection. The unique works of art came to Park West Gallery directly from the late artist’s studio. The airy paintings capture all of the emotions of Pino’s acrylic and oil paintings in a softer, lighter tone.

Before his death in 2010, Pino left a limited number of unique works of art in his family’s possession.Because of the extremely small amount of artwork he left behind, Pino’s unique watercolor paintings are a truly rare find and provide an extraordinary opportunity for any collector looking to acquire a piece of history.

Unique Drawings

Like Pino’s unique watercolor paintings, the drawings in the 2016 Pino Collection are unique works of art. The beautifully sketched artworks were hand-drawn by the artist himself and portray his classic subject matter.

View more from the exclusive 2016 Pino Collection or check out Park West Gallery’s Holiday Sale.

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