Park West Gallery Launches New Linda Le Kinff Website

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Park West Gallery continues a 40-year tradition of connecting people with artists and fine art by inviting you to visit a new website for Linda Le Kinff.

Linda Le Kinff, Park West Gallery

Park West Gallery’s new Linda Le Kinff website features an updated biography of the artist, an online gallery of Le Kinff’s artwork, and YouTube videos with exclusive footage of the artist.

“There is poetry to the fantasy worlds pictured in the images of Linda Le Kinff. Prints, paintings, and drawings portray people doing what one might regard as the most ordinary activities: a woman holds a flower, another plays a guitar, yet another in a broad hat holds a flute, and elegantly-dressed men and women participate in a musicale.

And yet, Le Kinff’s scenes are anything but ordinary. They are exotic. They are lush. They are richly colored. They exude a rhythmic harmony. Scenes where little is happening are effortlessly elevated to a higher realm, one in which a kind of introspective inner peace prevails. And the viewer is subtly transported to this magical world, for the viewer in some inexplicable way seems to share in the special, passionate experience of Le Kinff’s figures.

The figures that populate her sensual paintings never look out at the viewer, and never acknowledge our presence. Instead they pose, often in an intimate private moment, ironically beckoning us to slip into their world and share their privacy. In other words, as viewers look on, unobserved, they discover they are not detached from the image — instead they curiously find themselves immersed in the pleasures, moods, and feelings of Le Kinff’s figures.”

— Excerpted from an essay by Joseph Jacobs (art historian, author, critic and former Curator at the Newark Museum)

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