Park West Gallery Launches Dominic Pangborn Website

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PARK WEST GALLERY is proud to announce the launch of our newest microsite for internationally acclaimed contemporary artist DOMINIC PANGBORN! The website features information about the artist, a virtual gallery of his artwork, and video footage of Pangborn showcasing his work and discussing his influences and background in design.

Dominic Pangborn, Park West Gallery fine art

Pangborn’s perpetual quest to expand his horizons on both life and art leads him to generate nearly 3,000 sketches each year, many of which serve as the basis for his paintings. The paintings themselves range from nonrepresentational abstracts to photo-realism, across a number of mediums and techniques.

In addition to receiving numerous awards from prestigious art and design organizations and publications, Pangborn’s artworks have been exhibited at museums across the country including the esteemed Detroit Institute of Arts. His paintings have been collected by notable figures such as former President George H.W. Bush and Japanese Ambassador Naoto Amaki as well as various corporations.

“Dominic Pangborn’s energy and passion come through in all of his artworks from his geometrics to his nonrepresentational abstracts,” said Morris Shapiro, Park West’s Gallery Director of 26 years. “This allows his collectors to feel a real connection with the artwork they have acquired. And although Pangborn is already a celebrated and well-collected artist, this new website dedicated to the Park West Gallery Dominic Pangborn Collection will allow even more people to become familiar with his work.”

Through this new site, Park West Gallery has made Dominic Pangborn’s fine artwork viewable worldwide and continues its mission of bringing fine art to people everywhere. Park West has created websites for numerous Old Masters and contemporary artists, and continues to develop additional artist sites.

Visit Park West Gallery’s new Dominic Pangborn website at

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