New Park West Artist Matt Beyrer Debuts With Sold-Out Show

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When VIP Auctioneer Rob Ducat unveiled the works of Natural Expressionism artist Matt Beyrer, he couldn’t believe the reaction of the crowd.

“I struggled to keep the clients in their seats,” Ducat says. “Once released, the crowd ran to the art.”

Matt Beyrer Park West Gallery

Artwork by Matt Beyrer on display at a VIP event. (Photo courtesy of Rob Ducat)

The fun and frenzied scene took place during a VIP event the weekend of April 2 in Asheville, North Carolina. The event served as Beyrer’s debut to Park West Gallery. Ducat says of the 30 Beyrer artworks on display, all but two had guaranteed opening bids, and every painting sold during active bidding.

“This was the most competitive bidding I have experienced in my 14 years as an auctioneer,” Ducat says. “Get ready Park West art collectors, we just unveiled a star!”

Mayy Beyrer Park West Gallery

VIP Art Auctioneer Rob Ducat presents his gavel to artist Matt Beyrer (at right) to commemorate his sell-out show. (Photo courtesy of Rob Ducat)

Naturally, Beyrer has been busy creating more fantastical works of art following his Park West debut. He took a moment to talk about attending his first Park West event.

“It’s all very surreal and I am truly honored by this wonderfully humbling experience,” Beyrer said between brushstrokes. “I look forward to other events with Park West.”

Matt Beyrer Park West Gallery

Artwork by Matt Beyrer. (Photo courtesy of Rob Ducat)

Beyrer especially enjoyed speaking with collectors, saying he was humbled by their compliments as well as their desire to collect his art.

“The collectors were very welcoming, friendly, complimentary – it was very positive,” Beyrer said. “I enjoyed speaking to and learning a little bit about all of them. Their feedback was wonderful to hear as well.”

Beyrer is the innovator of Natural Expressionism, a style that blends detailed depictions with a twist of fantasy to invoke mystery and intrigue. He applies his unique style to planks of wood to incorporate nature itself into his art.

“Every piece is always a mystery until I see the wood and I can visualize a certain scene or image,” Beyrer said. “Then I just go from there and let wood guide me.”

Our 1st Kiss Matt Beyrer Park West Gallery

“Our 1st Kiss” (2017), Matt Beyrer

Beyrer draws inspiration from nature, loved ones, collectors and the beauty of the world around him. He is influenced by artists such as Drew Struzan, who designed posters for “Indiana Jones,” “Harry Potter” and “Star Wars” movies.

“The way Drew Struzan can compose a scene and execute the design is truly an inspiration, he has total control of his technique and the colors he uses, he’s just amazing,” Beyrer said.

Beyrer thanks his publishers—Dave Smith and Page Steffens—as well as Park West for making the debut possible.

Be sure to follow Park West Gallery on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up-to-date on the artwork of Matt Beyrer as it becomes available.

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  • Stan Haynes

    I was there and loved every minute of it. I just wish I had bought more of Matt’s work. In my opinion this is the artist to follow. Some day he will be considered a true Master! His breath of scenery is not limited as most established artist today. He paints a wider verity from landscapes to up close and personal images that draw you in and make you feel as if you belong in the scene; like being home. Thank you Park West for bringing Matt to us! I plan to collect more of his works; so hurry up and put him to work.

  • Ken Dobbe

    Matt just sold out his 4th Show in a row!!!! Very happy we got one of his Pieces for a great down to earth artist with great work and a great future.

  • Billy Ellison

    I was at his first show.It was amazing and so was Matt and his art. I bought a piece of his work and to this day I’m still amazed by it ever time I walk by it.

    Thanks Matt hope it’s going well

  • Kelly Spell

    He just sold out his 5th show in a row in Dallas. He is a truly great talent.

  • Karen abercrombie

    Matt is a wonderful artist with a great spirit. He is very humble and warm heated and his work shows this he just had his 6th sell out show. I am very proud that I am a owner of two of his wonderful works

  • Deborah Fato

    I am among the happy successful bidders who got a Matt Beyrer original piece at the Ritz Carlton Dallas 5th sell out show last August 13th. Got pictures and a video of his accepting a skull gavel from auctioneer Jason after the show sold out. How can I share those with you?
    Deb Fato

  • Sherry Troyano

    Just saw his work on the norweigan epic at the art auction vip event, and fell in love with his work. he is a great artist. bought two pieces of his work.

  • Jay Garbus

    Just won a bid on the Great Blue Heron at the Asheville VIP event. This is one artist to follow as his work is stunning and looks so real. I will be buying more of his paintings. To bad the prices of his work will be skyrocketing. Rob Ducat also did a great job talking about him.

  • Bob & Becca McCarty

    We won two painting on bid, one of the first kiss and the other on the sailboat as well as the balloon…I will say this I think this young man is a genius with how he works there paint and the wood together.
    Glad to have met and spoke to him.

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