More Millennials Are Choosing Cruise Vacations

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Cruises have always been the perfect vacation for couples to get away, families to spend time together, or retirees to relax in the sun. Now, the cruise market is also blossoming for another demographic: millennials. According to a recent cruise industry study, 39 percent of millennials reported cruises were the best type of vacation.

According to a recent cruise industry study, 39 percent of millennials reported cruises were the best type of vacation.

Photo Courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line

“Younger generations – including Millennials and Generation X – are embracing cruise travel, rating it as a better vacation type than land-based vacations, all-inclusive resorts, tours, vacation house rentals or camping,” the report states.

The motivation behind the increase in millennial cruisers is clear. Here are several reasons younger generations are making the move toward spending vacations at sea.

Food, Drink, and Fun for One Cost

During an average trip, vacationers shell out for travel expenses, food and drink, hotels, and entertainment. On a cruise vacation, these expenses are rolled into one purchase. With all-you-can-eat buffets, special drink packages, and exciting entertainment on board, no vacation fits as much fun into one cost.

(photo courtesy of Princess Cruises)


Squeeze the Most Travel into A Trip

Millennials are known as the experience generation, often choosing to spend money on adventures before luxury goods. Cruises are the most cost-effective way to visit several destinations during the same trip. Cruise lines like Norwegian Cruise LineCelebrity Cruises and Princess Cruises offer sailings that visit several European countries as one itinerary—packing the most travel possible into one vacation.

Exciting New Activities

As more millennials spend their vacations sailing, cruise lines are actively adding activities geared towards younger passengers. Many cruises now offer a variety of shore excursions, workout classes, and well-known entertainers.

Carnival Cruise Line’s newest ship Carnival Vista is an example of cruise industry innovation with its floating brewery, IMAX theater, and signature SkyRide experience — all Instagram-worthy events millennials can’t pass up.

carnival vista park west gallery

The Skyride aboard Carnival Vista (Photo courtesy of

Updated Amenities

Park West Gallery cruise ships

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As the technology generation sets sail on cruise vacations, cruise lines are working to give guests everything they need to enjoy their vacation, including access to WiFi. While cruise ships have been notorious for limited access to the Internet, cruise lines are now making improvements to their onboard connectivity.

Meet Interesting People

There’s nothing better than meeting someone from a different background or another country. With guests from all over the world, cruises facilitate new friendships through organized social activities like interactive classes, exciting night clubs, and group dinners.

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