How 5 Park West Artists Pay Homage to Moms In Their Artwork

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For many people, a mother is the steady rock, the calming influence, and how beauty is first framed in their mind. Throughout time, moms and motherly themes have been used by artists to evoke love, protection, and calm in the face of challenging situations. For Mother’s Day this year, let’s take a look at how 5 Park West Artists have masterfully incorporated moms into their stunning works of art.


“A Mother’s Hand” by Jim Warren

“A Mother’s Hand” by Jim Warren

Some childhoods are blessed with bold color, while others are unfortunately bleak. Hopefully, in the best situations, a loving, caring mom is there to lift up and protect their child. Here, the surrealist Jim Warren paints a mother’s hand raising their youngster high up above the fray, into a brighter world full of possibility, hope, and love. The color on these hand-signed, hand-embellished canvases is magnificent and, whether this artwork is given as a gift to a new mother or from a mom to their child as a way of always remembering her love, “A Mother’s Hand” will illuminate the unending bond between a mother and child.


“A Mother’s Touch” by Andrew Bone

“A Mother’s Touch,” by Andrew Bone

Is there a more enduring image than a motherly animal caring for, sheltering, and protecting their baby in the wild? This marvelous giclee in color on paper from artist and conservationist Andrew Bone shows a cub with his mom, her tail forming a barrier in the desert grasses, with a mountain range making a border in the background, and an ominous sky looming overhead. She’s looking back, fearful but resolute in her determination to not let the danger touch her baby. This is motherhood summed up perfectly, and beautifully in an artwork that feels like real life.


“Mother’s Touch” by Guy Harvey

“Mother’s Touch,” by Guy Harvey

We may never have the privilege of seeing with our own eyes the loving, mother’s touch of a humpback whale, but with marine wildlife artist Guy Harvey’s stunning, sunlight kissed underwater scene on aluminum through dye sublimation, Park West art collectors can own and hang this touching parental scene in their home. Near the surface of the water, on a bright, sunny day, a mom and her baby calf embrace in their own special way, in a way that shows loving affection and exudes a concern for safety that whale calves need to grow up safely in the deep, wide waters of the world.


“Mother Tucking Child into Bed” by Norman Rockwell

“Mother Tucking Child into Bed,” by Norman Rockwell

This seriolithograph, included in Rockwell’s “The Nostalgia” suite, was originally a Literary Digest cover in March 1921. After focusing his artwork on WWI service men and women, Rockwell trained his eye on the relationships between children and their parents and grandparents. Here, we see a mother, wearing a fine wristwatch to tell her that it’s time for sleep, delicately tucking her two cherub-faced, precious toddlers into bed, along with a classic teddy bear, beneath a patterned quilt, with sleeping heads resting atop well-fluffed white pillows. This idyllic scene is classic Norman Rockwell and will complete any new mom’s nursery at home.


“Mother Nature” by Jim Warren

“Mother Nature,” by Jim Warren

No one can buy Mother Nature a Mother’s Day gift, but for moms who spend quality time in the great outdoors, in National Parks, on hiking trails, sleeping under the stars at campsites, or simply enjoying the serenity of their own backyard gardens, this fabulous giclee on canvas from Jim Warren depicting Mother Nature in a colorful and mystical scene will make a wonderful present. As waterfalls, an erupting volcano, mountains, a magical trail, an arch of greenery, flowing river, sunshine, and a noticeable slice of human life all interact, collectors are reminded that mom is always watching, providing, and protecting us all.


“Treasured Moments” by Pino

“Treasured Moments,” by Pino

Moms take their children to the beach all the time, but rarely is the trip ever for them. This is because to be a mom with young kids on a beach means worrying about the undertow and the waves, fearing the power of the water, and to be on high alert. Moms make these fun but stressful outings for their children to play in the sand, splash in the water, and make memories to last a lifetime. This giclee with hand-embellishments on canvas from Pino captures beautifully the conclusion of a typical beach day, as a young mom and her children step away from the waves to head back into everyday life full of meals to prepare, lessons to impart, and baths to give. The work of a mother is never done, and a beautiful work of art is never a bad choice for a memorable Mother’s Day gift.


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