Happy Earth Day from Park West Gallery!

 In Artists & Special Collections, Peter Max
Peter Max 25th Earth Day #43

25th Anniversary Earth Day Artwork. Peter Max.

Today is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, so plant a tree, watch a green movie, or recycle something – do anything that interests you and contributes to this important day!

A Park West Gallery artist who is sure to be doing something impactful today is Peter Max. As a passionate environmentalist and defender of human and animal rights, Max has donated his time and money to many noteworthy causes – he has even directed his artistic energy towards them.

Max created the very first Earth Day poster in 1970 and has continued to raise awareness for Earth Day ever since. He is often called upon by environmental organizations to create their promotional materials, and as their official artist, he brings to the table his vision of hope for the future.

Rather than depicting the environmental disasters that could lie ahead as many other artists do, Max always creates bright, uplifting imagery that celebrates the environment.

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