Behind-the-Scenes Look at Chris DeRubeis’ Metal Art

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Flying sparks, dancing flames and chemical cocktails – these are the components that combine to create Chris DeRubeis’ Abstract Sensualism®.

Park West Gallery gives collectors an up-close look at DeRubeis’ creative process with its newest video. Most artists need brushes and canvases in their studios, but few require a gas mask, protective suit and goggles.

“I think I took it to the next level of creating something straight out of my head and experimenting with things that people normally don’t do or use to create art,” DeRubeis says.

Mini Burst Blue Chris DeRubeis Park West Gallery

Mini Burst Blue” (2015), Chris DeRubeis

DeRubeis fell in love with creating art when he was in third grade. His grandfather, an artist turned businessman, bought DeRubeis his first airbrush. DeRubeis embraced the tool and used his airbrushing talents to earn money while attending the Pasadena Art Center.

Chris DeRubeis Abstract Blue/Brown Park West Gallery

Abstract Blue/Brown” (2015), Chris DeRubeis

Following art school, DeRubeis wanted to avoid the norms and create something new. When working at a motorcycle shop painting customized gas tanks, he used a grinder to remove paint from a tank. The way the grinded metal reflected light ignited a spark in DeRubeis, ultimately leading him to create Abstract Sensualism.

DeRubeis works with everything from aluminum to silver and copper. His artwork is collected around the world, and has been featured on the DIY and HGTV networks.

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