Auctioneer Spotlight: Nilesh Gurung

Many Park West collectors develop lasting friendships with our art teams, underscoring our 49-year reputation of connecting people from all walks of life with artwork they love.

Here’s a chance to get to know one Park West auctioneer more as he shares some of his favorite client memories, travel adventures, and auction moments.

Nilesh Gurung is a full-time auctioneer, art advocate, and world traveler. Growing up, Nilesh had a knack for the creative arts, whether it was singing or visual art, but couldn’t find the proper outlet to express himself. Upon hearing about Park West, Nilesh immediately leapt at the opportunity, and is now a talented auctioneer who loves spreading the joy of fine art with clients around the globe. Read his story here.

Auctioneer Nilesh Gurung presenting an onboard art auction. Photo courtesy of Nilesh Gurung.

Previous ships as auctioneer: Carnival (CCL) Paradise, CCL Valor, Royal Caribbean (RCI) Liberty of the Seas, RCI Anthem of the Seas, Norwegian (NCL) Epic

Current ship: NCL Star


Where is your hometown?

Nilesh: Dehradun, India—a small town about six hours away from New Delhi. It’s surrounded by mountains and abundant in wildlife.


When did you start working as an international art auctioneer on cruise ships?

Nilesh: I started my career alongside Park West in 2012. Interestingly enough, I started working on cruise ships as a security officer on Carnival in 2010. I had always been passionate about art, but unfortunately, I didn’t have too much exposure to the field in my home country. When I learned about Park West’s art auctions on cruise ships, I instantly knew I was going to give this a try. So, I did—and it’s been the best decision I could’ve made for my career.

Nilesh encouraging the auction crowd to participate. Photo courtesy of Nilesh Gurung.

Who is your favorite Park West artist and why?

Nilesh: I have several. I love Peter Max and his impressive journey through life. His use of color is beautiful, and so is his outlook. He doesn’t just create for himself, but he constantly gives back to charities around the world. He sets an example—that we should always help others in need.

I also love Thomas Kinkade for the positive symbolism he incorporates in his artwork and Itzchak Tarkay for his simplistic, yet powerful imagery.


What is your favorite client memory?

Nilesh: There are many collectors I stay in contact with frequently, even those that I met several years ago. While I was on RCI Liberty of the Seas, I met Lisa, who was cruising with her daughter. Together, we created a stunning collection of Max and Yaacov Agam works that she took home. Lisa is now one of our passionate VIP collectors. This is what I love about my job—we help open up a whole new world to people.

Nilesh enjoying a day to relax in port. Photo courtesy of Nilesh Gurung.

Out of all the places you’ve traveled, where is your favorite port?

Nilesh: Cozumel, Mexico. There’s always so much to do there and the weather is always spectacular.


What does life look like when you’re home on vacation?

Nilesh: On vacation, I am in 100 percent relax-mode—going out with friends, traveling, road trips, watching movies, eating home cooked food—you name it. My other passion is singing. I even had my own band back when I was in college. I’m not the greatest singer anymore, but if I get the change to sing—whether in the shower or at a karaoke bar—I’m all in!


Tell us about your experience being an auctioneer aboard the Norwegian Star:

Nilesh: What can I say? Life is always great on board! Every ship brings new experiences, new people, and new places to visit.


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5 Responses to Auctioneer Spotlight: Nilesh Gurung

  1. Kunal Deep Thapa says:

    Hey Nilesh awesome article man we are really proud of you mate… God bless God speed

  2. Anil Chettri says:

    Hey Da, We Are Proud of You! Wud Be Great To share A Drink, Just Like We did In Carnival Pride Dammi Lagyo Article Dai….

  3. Rosario Angelina Alejo-Tiongson says:

    Nilesh or Neal as I call him is the best auctioneer I have dealt with. He will go out of his way and exert all effort to give you the best deal so you will go home Happy with the artworks you love to collect! I hope to see him again on my next cruise

  4. Tad Frehner says:

    Niles is an amazing auctioneer, and very knowledgeable and has a great personality very much enjoyed attending the auctions and discussing various artists with him. We’ve been collecting for years and he was one of the best we’ve had on a cruise ship and three of our children also became collectors with his help.

  5. Donald-Brian Johnson says:

    My partner Hank Kuhlmann and I had the pleasure recently of attending Neal’s Park West auctions aboard the Norwegian Star. He is among the most knowledgeable and friendly Park West auctioneers we have encountered on our cruises. We appreciated his expertise and courtesy in adding to our LeBo collection. Many thanks!

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