Artist Birthdays September 25 – MARK ROTHKO

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MARK ROTHKO (September 25, 1903 – February 25, 1970)

  • Nationality: American
  • Field:Painting, printmaking
  • Art Movement: Abstract Expressionism, Color Field painting
  • ARTiFact: Plagued by ill health and the conviction that he had been forgotten by those artists who had learned most from his painting, he committed suicide. After his death, the execution of his will provoked one of the most spectacular and complex court cases in the history of modern art, lasting for 11 years (1972–82).
  • Artist Quote: “It is a widely accepted notion among painters that it does not matter what one paints as long as it is well painted. This is the essence of academicism. There is no such thing as good painting about nothing.”
  • Notable Artwork (shown below): Four Darks in Red, 1958.

Mark Rothko. Four Darks in Red. 1958.

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