Artist Birthdays December 7 – GIAN LORENZO BERNINI

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GIAN LORENZO BERNINI (Dec. 7, 1598 – Nov. 28, 1680)

  • Nationality: Italian
  • Field: Painting, sculpture
  • Art Movement: Baroque
  • ARTiFact: He had an affair with Costanza Bonarelli, who was the wife of one of his assistants. When Bernini suspected Costanza to be involved with his brother, he badly beat him and ordered a servant to slash her face with a razor. Pope Urban VIII intervened on his behalf and he was fined.
  • Artist Quote: “There are two devices which can help the sculptor to judge his work: one is not to see it for a while – the other – whenever he has not the leisure for the former – is to look at his work through spectacles which will change its color and magnify or diminish it, so as to disguise it somehow to his eye, and make it look as though it were the work of another, removing by this means the delusions caused by amour-prope (self-love).”
  • Notable Artwork (shown below): Costanza Bonarelli (ca. 1636-37).

Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Bust of Costanza Bonarelli (ca. 1636-37).

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