7 simple tips for hanging artwork

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  • Barbara Scharlau

    I love Park West cruise auctions. I have brought many works over the years. September 2014 , I treated myself to a retirement gift, 25 days on the Royal Princess from the Baltic to NYC. What an amazing cruise and I went to every Park West Auction. You have an very knowable staff and fun to be with. I was a good patron of the arts and brought several paintings. My home is like an art gallery of over 200 paintings . Every day I get up I notice something differ in one of my paintings.
    Thanks again for making my art world come alive.
    Barbara Scharlau

  • Barbara Scharlau

    Love Park West- I live near Miami and would love to visit your art gallery and someday the one in Michigan. Barb Scharlau

  • John Groth

    we will be sailing on the holland america cruise this coming may and would like to know where the art auctions will be shown…the last HA cruise we were on the art auction was in a single room with NO>>repeat NO windows..it looked like a storage area and the art persons tried to show you where the room was each time there was an art auction…needless to say we did no attend any auctions and we ALWAYS go to the art auctions and BUY…for years we have collected art and were not going to stay in a room with no windows…no space for chairs…we felt sorry for your auction staff and again would like to know where the auction will be held on our up coming cruise
    thank you

  • Maria Mesaric

    We were fortunate to have attended several Art Auctions on our recent two cruises. Our whole family attended both times and we all had a blast. Our 11 year old daughter studied the guide and selected her own works of Art.
    We bought multiple items from a number of Artists to build a collection that was unique to each artist.
    Our works or Art are starting to arrive at our home in Australia. They are beautiful.
    Thank you Park West.

  • Melissa Rageth

    I was just on a Royal Caribbean Cruise and my Art Director was Ekaterina Pakhomva. She was incredible. She was so knowledgeable and friendly. I purchased two pieces from Park West and will definitely purchase more. I learned so much. Her team was great as well! Please give her kudos from me on a job well done!!!!!!!!

  • johanna cunningham

    could you please give me your email address? I have received artwork but no authenticity certificate and need to be in touch with your office. I cannot find your email address on the in voice.

  • Cialis

    First up is artwork if you struggle with deciding how high to hang a picture or how much distance to put between art in a gallery wall, this post s for you! Must-have tips for hanging art!

  • Eliza Cranston

    This is a great infographic for hanging artwork! I recently inherited some fine art from my great grandma and I’d like to display it the right way. I’ll follow this advice and hopefully get my house looking like a gallery! Do you have any advice for finding the right frames?

  • Lisa

    I purchased two art pieces on a cruise a few months ago. It was my first time participating in an auction on a cruise and I won a piece of art! Now, I have three pieces and I enjoy sharing about the artists and my fun experience of how I acquired them to my guests. Thanks Park West for bringing world renowned artists to the masses 🙂

  • Bobby Saint

    I like that you provided some simple tips for hanging artwork such as finding a place that is not in direct sunlight. It is recommended to look for an area where your artwork will not be penetrated directly by the sun’s rays. This way, it wouldn’t damage the texture and will preserve its natural look for a long time. Plus, you can even have it appraised a few years from now and check if the value has significantly increased. I would make sure to keep this in mind. Thanks.

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