5 Tips for Attending Onboard Art Auctions with Style

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Park West Gallery art auction

Auctioneer John Block conducting an art auction.

The creation of your personal art collection is an art form in its own right, and Park West Gallery is inviting guests aboard cruise ships around the world to hone their expertise.

Park West Gallery holds art auctions and art seminars at sea that ignite a passion for fine art. If you possess an interest in enriching your life with the beauty of art, you can begin your journey into the art world with us on your next cruise.

Below are our favorite tips for attending art auctions at sea to make the most of your art collecting experience.


1. Embrace the experience

cruise ship art auctions

A Park West auctioneer conducting an art auction.

Park West Gallery takes pride in creating welcoming and entertaining atmospheres, and guests are encouraged to attend and admire the artwork while enjoying the exciting auctions. Auctions are free to attend, so don’t be afraid to join in and have fun while being surrounded by breathtaking art.

Art auctions are fast, fun and engaging, all while providing fascinating facts about art and the art world. In addition, there are a variety of auctions held each cruise, such as auctions serving free champagne and VIP auctions that show off the best of the collection. Don’t forget to enter the raffles for your chance to win free art.


2. Knowing how art auctions works

Park West Gallery art auction

At the auction, guests can take advantage of a 30-minute preview to admire the art available for collecting and can ask questions while they browse. If you find a work of art you would like to see on the auction block, simply place a request tag on the art. Following the preview is the chance to bid on these works and start your own collection.

You are not required to purchase artwork that you’ve tagged, but it does help the art team know what the audience wishes to see, so be sure to tag art you are considering collecting. You can even ask for the minimum bid price before tagging the artwork.

If the auction setting is uncomfortable, stop by the gallery and speak with the art team for other collecting options.


3. A variety of art available

Park West Gallery art auction

An onboard art gallery.

As one of the world’s largest art dealers, there is a diverse collection available from hundreds of artists, including acrylic and watercolor paintings, lithographs, etchings, sculptures and serigraphs.

Should you find that special artwork that speaks to you, rest assured that there is something for everyone at any price level, meaning you can determine what level of collector you would like to be.


4. Immerse yourself in the art world

Park West Gallery art auction

Attending art seminars during a cruise is a great way to educate yourself about the art world.

Park West Gallery hosts free educational seminars each cruise. Guests will learn tips about collecting art and the fascinating backgrounds of the hundreds of artists represented by the gallery. Gain a deeper understanding about art movements, history and culture with the expert onboard art team, which in turn will enhance your ability to collect intelligently.

Check your daily itineraries or contact the gallery to find out when these free seminars are held during your cruise.


5. Bringing the art home

Park West Gallery art auction

Adding options like custom framing are easy to do upon checkout.

When you collect a work of art at sea, there are two ways in which it will be provided to you. The first and most common is that the gallery will ship the artwork right to your door. This service is provided to countries around the globe.

The second method is that some of the artwork can be taken directly home with you. These works are identified as such on the auction block, but ask the art team members if you are unsure whether you can take the art with you or not.

In addition, the gallery provides framing and matting services that are often included in the price of many of the artworks available. It’s also easy to add framing to your art once the auction is over and you proceed to checkout.

With these tips, you can now fully enjoy the art auctions during your next voyage and collect artwork that reflects your personality and lifestyle.

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  • Linda Craft

    I purchased a work of art by T. Kincaid on our cruise and was told it would arrive up to 3 months. That date is getting close. Would like to know when and how it will arrive. Am concerned.

  • Linda Craft

    Thank you. I have heard that packages are taken from porches in our neighborhood.

  • Nicholas Law

    My latest purchase has just arrived and it is crookedly mounted in the frame. Disappointed.

  • John Hernandez

    Hi, I purchased a painting on a cruise on April 24th,I was told it will take up to 12 weeks for delivery. I live in Michigan,not far from Park West Gallery. I was wondering if I can pick up painting instead of waiting for shipping? Thank you.

  • Michael Robinson

    I have bought several pieces of art from park west and have been very happy with them very professional people thank you

  • Mildred De Vera

    I won 3 art works on the the art auction at sea on Carnival Fantasy last year, but never received them. I also puchased a Yaagov Agam art work, but did not receive appraisal and certificate of authenticity either. Very disappointed!

  • Clare Mead

    I purchased a painting on the Pacific Dawn 6th Feb of the fallen angel by Barry Mccan and was told delivery would take up to 12 weeks. My niece received her painting weeks ago and mine had still not arrived. Very disappointed.

  • Juan C

    We bought our first couple of pieces during a recent cruise and one of them just arrived. It is spectacular and framed so well! We are taking another cruise in August and was wondering if you take requests for specific artists. We would like to buy at least one more piece by Michael Cheval if not 2 during our next cruise. It was a great experience and my wife and I are just loving this artist’s work!

  • Louise Molieri

    It seems like clients only make comments when they are NOT satisfied. We have bought art on each of the 4 cruises we went on and love all of it! Framing is superior to most frame shops and less expensive.

  • Carol and Robert Burross

    We started art collecting during our cruise with Carnival in December, 2015. The auctioneer Aurelian Capatina was awesome along with his assistant Laura. We bought wonderful pieces to include Pino and Peter Max. In April this year we were privileged to be invited to a VIP weekend at the Ritz Carlton in Dallas. Another awesome time with excellent hosts and wonderful presentations to include Yaacov Agam, Romero Britto, and Autumn de Forest. Once again we purchased wonderful works of art. Thanks so much to Park West for opening our eyes to the wonderful world of art and helping us to meet many amazing people both at sea and on land. Thank you.

  • Donna Wiest

    We have purchased many paintings while on cruises and we love going to auctions and are very happy with Park West

  • Lori Carley

    Purchased 4 pieces of art on the Carnival Conquest,December 2015, was told it would take 6 weeks,as the time kept creeping away w/ only 2 pieces received I called Park West. They informed me it was 12 weeks.If it ships out after the 12 week period they will refund the shipping cost on the piece(s) that came late.Felt I had to deal w/ a lot of rhetoric,but finally received all 4 pieces & they look great, love them,not sure I’ll purchase art on a cruise again.

  • Trevor Taylor

    We have attend Park West auctions on 3 cruises and enjoyed them so much we now are looking to buy a larger house to display the 20 or so works we have collected. Have loved the friendly, professional approach by all your auctioneers. Keep up the great work.

  • Tim Carney

    I have purchase art from PW for over 15 years and and have over 50 works of art from them and yes sometimes it takes some time to for the art to arrive but once it’s on that wall you will love it for a live time. For those of you having issues PW will always make it right don’t worry

  • cheryl brown

    In Feb ’16 purchased art work on radiance of the sea..loved auction brought 2 Alexander Chen pcs still awaiting 2nd piece why weren’t both pieces delivered together and when is the second pc arriving? Thanks

  • Lisa

    I have received artwork from family who purchase from Parkwest Gallery. I would love to connect and make future purchases of my own!

  • Leigh Batten

    We’ve purchased a number of pieces over the years and have been very happy each time. Thank you, PW, for making nice art accessible to so many!

  • Dan Slife

    We have attended several cruises and VIP events thru PWG. To date, we have been satisfied with the quality of the art. If anything has not been to our expectations, they have been very upfront and taken care of the situation. We will continue to work with Park West. The call the above department (customer service” for a reason.

  • George Clamp

    I have dealt with park West for over 5 years and I nothing but positives to say about them, they are a top class organization in every sense of the word fabulous Company.

  • Ron Schwab

    Parkwest has started us on our journey of art collection. We found their art staff on many ships to be knowledgeable and extremely helpful educating us. One piece arrived with a blemish and another where we were not happy with how the frame style fit the painting. In both cases, Parkwest was understanding and corrected the situations professionally, expeditiously, and without a hitch.

  • Sherrie Davis

    Purchased a Peter Max and it arrived safely. The art, itself, still grabs my heart.
    Thank you for all of your help.

  • Marge Martin

    I have attended MANY art auctions at sea and have made several purchases. Even though I very seldom purchase on cruises anymore as I have no more wall space left, I like to attend to learn about new artists and see new works. Park West is offering many expensive pieces of art, suggesting this is an upscale event. So why, why, why does most every art auctioneer have the crowd scream loudly, jumping up and down and doing idiotic moves??? That only downscales the professionalism of the auction crew, and turns off people in the crowd who are actually interested in making purchases and not only screaming loudly so they can win a prize. There have been times the screaming has been so loud that I’ve walked out. I won’t be a part of something so childish and ear-piercing.

    I’ve attended the invitation only VIP art auctions that are held in different cities in the US. There is no such childish screaming at these events – they are run very professionally.

  • Kay Dobrilla

    To whom it may concern
    I have been purchasing very successfully. from Park West on cruises for the past 5 years. The Auctioneers and the assistants are extremely helpful in helping with the purchase and the framing to suit.
    I have purchased many of my favourites
    Thomas Kinkade X 3 very large Andrew Bone x 2 Itzchsk Tarkay X1 David Najar x2 Peter Nixon (very favourite) X 5. Charles Lee X 3 (especially love The Dream) Also Animation Warner Bros Art as gifts
    I am hoping one day to purchase Max the Umbrella Man – sensational
    The works have always arrived to Australia on time and in perfect condition
    I wish I had more walls for more paintings!!
    The free gifts of Art after each Auction is appreciated. Framed they make great gifts for others to enjoy
    Keep up the good work
    Bye til next time….
    Kay xx

    Love to everyone connected with Park West you do a wonderful job

  • bruce adams

    I am disappointed that my two letters sent to you regarding my collection was never answered.

  • Joseph Sheehan

    Attended first auction in 2007, have purchased pieces over the years. Always satisfied with products whether shipped or carried off. Have also found the auction personnel helpful and willing to explain and teach during down time

  • John Creeden

    Have been to many auctions while cruising and we always enjoy them. We have purchased quite a few art works over the years and we find PWG a professional organization to deal with at every level…

  • Troy wust

    I have purchased dozens of pieces from cruises and land events. If I’ve ever had an issue park west and its associates always make things right as quickly as possible. They have so many associates that are just so wonderful and kind its hard to choose a favorite but I do have 1. These people are amazing and the artwork is spectacular.

  • John Hall

    We traveled on the Carnival Conquest of 12/6/15 and bought several pieces as well as winning several free pieces. All of the purchased pieces arrived, but we never got the free pieces. Who should I contact? By the way, we are very happy with our art.

  • Susan & Larry Hawk

    We have been members of the Park West family for several years and have purchased several pieces of art over the years and are very happy with the service and any problems we had with any art work was taken care of in a very timely manor We have also been to several land and sea VIP auction and have enjoyed the as well. This last Sept 2015 on a cruise we introduced our friends to the world of art and Park West and they were over whelmed by the artwork by the and were impressed by the auctioneer staff and ended up purchasing several pieces of art as well as we also purchased several more pieces

  • Steve Cook

    Have purchased a number of pieces on 2 cruises and a VIP event. While a few took longer to receive than we had been told, all were received in excellent condition. The biggest mistake we made was not having Park West frame some art we bought that was unframed. Park West would have saved us money and their frames are much better quality than local shops. Looking forward to attending another auction.

  • Gary Moore

    Have been collecting from Park West on cruises & land events for many years. Have been extremely happy with quality of framing, response to any issues & the variety oh available art at each auction! Looking forward to our next opportunity!

  • kevin horan

    If you want to pay outrageous prices for what are essentially POSTERS with a dab of paint then PARK WEST GALLERIES is for you.While they DO sell original art pieces, their bread and butter is Giclees (Giclée is a neologism coined in 1991 by printmaker Jack Duganne for fine art digital prints made on inkjet printers. The name originally applied to fine art prints …)often 50-100 times more than you can buy a poster for. Their is NO RESALE on these items AT ALL, ANYWHERE. Buyer Beware. AND, although their framing is a good value, most people take delivery rolled up in tubes under their beds.

  • MIke and Margaret Ryan

    My wife and I have been to many Park West auctions and have purchased many great pieces. While in Europe we purchased and had framed 10 pieces of art that now hang in our atrium Stairwell and they are fantastic! Keep up the great work Park West!! THe wife and I will be on the Carnival Dream May 22, 2016 and will be looking for you and the free Champagne!

  • Heleen Loew

    I have been collecting art with PW for so many years that I’ve run out of walls. Solution is to rotate my collection putting some under beds and behind dressers! Latest purchases include 2 Peter Max and an Agam. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE And the only time I had a problem PW followed thru and took care of everything to assure my satisfaction.

  • D Black

    We attended our first auction on NCL in February and are very pleased with the artwork we received. The art positively impacts each room it is displayed in and we couldn’t be happier. We look forward to attending auctions on upcoming cruises.

  • José

    I remember learning something about art or the artists at every art auction I have been to. Seeing all the different styles of painting encourages me to keep on painting, hoping that someday my art will be in the spotlight. I’ll be at your next auction in January looking to buy.

  • Gary Raster

    We have been on numerous cruises and have a number of works in animation, by Tim Yanke, and by Csaba Markus. Some we carried off through airports and on planes. Others we had framed and shipped from Park West. We have also ordered directly vice doing a cruise auction, and have been given very fair pricing. Whenever I had a concern Park West was very quick to respond to my emails. The framing is far superior and less expensive than having it done locally. I am VERY impressed with the work ethic and products from this company.

  • Cathy Ahlert

    I have purchased a Green and a Najar on a cruise in August. When ordering the Najar I told them I hated the frame and we chose another. When it arrived there was the ugly frame. It only took one call to get that taken care of. They had it picked up and I chose another frame and I LOVE IT! I was invited to a VIP event in Chicago where I met Michael Godard and became his biggest fan! Such a genuine man. Purchased 2 pieces and can’t wait to add them to the collection. Park West is a great company that does what they say they will do!

  • Adriane

    My husband and I go on several cruises and have been to even a few of the VIP land auctions. The sum total cost of what we have invested in art from parkwest is insane for people of our age and income bracket. But still we go, still we fall in love with something and still we buy! The VIP land auctions are definitely something to experience, if you have been invited and not taken the opportunity to go, please do! You get to meet the artists and hear their stories. We once spent three days with one of the artists that decided he would eat dinner, lunch and dinner the next night with us. Bizarre…. One of the painters, not throwing any names in there, invited to visit his estate in France. Parkwest has provided my husband and I not only a hobby we can share, beautiful original works in our house and endless adventures as well as new friends! I know your skeptical at first and there are definitely investments I wouldn’t make but they do provide a very educational interesting experience both on and off the ships. Thanks for keeping us engaged and entertained!

  • Patricia Doolin-Thames

    I have been waiting for my artwork to come. Will you send me a shipping e-mail with tracking when it is put on the truck.

  • Judy Jones

    My first experience with PW was on board a summer cruise; I bought several pieces and thoroughly enjoyed the auctions and the educational seminars. Later, I was invited to two VIP events and purchased several more. My only problem has been delayed deliveries. I waited patiently for all of the cruise purchases. But after the August VIP event, two of the three pieces still had not arrived by the end of October. So I called and had to leave a message (which was never returned). In December, I finally reached a live rep and was told that one piece was waiting to be framed and that they would send a message to expedite it. But the other would take longer since the artist had several to finish. I did receive one a couple of weeks later. It is now mid-May and I’m still waiting for the other piece. Meanwhile, I attended a December VIP event in St. Louis where I bought more, and so far am waiting for an original by Peter Max which I know will take longer. However, we were promised that our photos which were taken with the artist, would be sent within a month. Still waiting. So in spite of a lot of frustration, I still like PW and eagerly look forward to my next cruise and/or VIP event.

  • Charles Gilinsky

    I have purchased many works over the years. Great experiences, service, communications and values.

  • Rose

    I have gone on 7 cruises so far and I have a house full of art from different artist. Every time I think I couldn’t possibly have any more room in my home for more paintings I seem to find a place for the new art I buy. It always arrives beautifully framed and ready to hang. I’m going on another cruise soon and I have 3 more walls where I hang more art. No sense in buying art if you can’t hang it and look at it whenever you want to.

  • Sabrina Kraft

    I recently purchased 2 Tarkay prints from the April 10th sailing on the Allure of the Seas. I have only purchased signed and numbered prints onboard the many sailings that I have taken and attended Park West auctions. The one print I received was NOT SIGNED AND NOT NUMBERED. I did call customer service 10 days ago to report the problem. I was shuffled off and told that maybe, someday, someone may get back to me. I feel that I received a print that was way inferior to what was promised in the auction. I am very displeased at the lack of response and lack of interest in correcting this BIG PROBLEM. I only purchase SIGNED AND NUMBERED PRINTS OF TARKAY AT THE AUCTIONS. This is the 5th auction I have purchased Tarkay prints, so I am well aware of what I am buying. Please correct this terrible and deceitful situation.

  • Kevin Drennan

    I purchased a package of 4 Alexander Chen seriolithograph. I only received 1 of the 4 appraisals and certificate of authenticities. The registration number for the item I did receive the documents for was 343220.0928. I am still waiting for three sets of documents.
    Other than this issues I have been very happy with my purchases.

  • Diane Ghilardi

    My husband and I love our art from Park West. We have been collecting since 1998, not sure when our next cruise or private show will be but hope to purchase a Peter Max. Enjoy your ART!

  • Mark Robb

    We did cruise on NCL and purchased 5 items which we’re so happy with. Going with NCL on their maiden trip out of Auckland next year and can’t wait. Wish we had some room on the walls to buy more! Will still hit the auctions though!

  • Kaye Koolloos-Smith

    We bought 3 Paintings & won 1 Painting, we were surprised to receive 1 Painting & the 1 Painting we won in a cylinder which was dumper on our front doorstep within 3 weeks after our Cruise, but the 3 Paintings we purchased & were to be framed have not yet arrived. We are a bit concerned that they might be dumped on our front doorstep like the other ones were. We thought we had to sign for them when they arrived to us is this true or not, because we are worried about them being taken as we are very open to the street. Thank you for the lovey time we had with your staff on our Cruise which was in April,2016. We have never collected Art Work before & this has got us very interested in Art now.

  • Elisabeth Caldwell

    I have bought paintings from PW for many years-attending auctions on ships and events on land. I have been very happy with my purchases and like wise have rotated my Masterpieces. My last 2 purchases were Originals by Milkin and Green. They are absolutely marvellous and give me great joy! I recommend attending an art show to everyone. It is one of my greatest enjoyments!

  • Ellen Ronnie

    We’ve been purchasing art works through park west for more years than we can remember. We’ve bought fine art, fun art, decor art, and even a few mistakes during that time.
    Delivery has been great as well as awful. What concerns me is that the pieces purchased in the 80’s and 90’s, which we don’t love as much any more, but have appreciated greatly in value, cannot be sold back to park west at a fair price. Seems no one is interested in their pieces once sold except for polite chatter. Doesn’t mean I won’t buy more art which tickles my fancy but do want to warn future Byers that the talk of investment pieces is just that. Talk.

  • Kathy F.

    First of all I want to thank PWG for my beautiful artwork I have purchased on Cruises and at land auctions. I too was able to meet 4 amazing artists and have a piece of their art hanging on my walls. I’m planning on cruising in November and I’m looking forward to viewing more artwork.
    Thank you again for your amazing frame work too.

  • Regina Alfano

    Bought around 30 pieces in April on a cruise, and pieces starting to arrive framed this week. All I can say is WOW, the frames are more than I expected, absolutely beautiful…

  • Tricia Huffa

    From 4 cruises, we bought 12 stunning pieces of art plus won a number of other pieces – so a piece of advice for prospective purchasers: Order framing when on board as it’s much cheaper than trying to arrange afterwards!

  • Gregory Jones

    Have been on several cruises over last few years. Have purchased approx 60 paintings during this time. All have been delivered within time frame. Another cruise next year – purchase again.. Who knows???

  • Jessica Davis

    it has been 12 weeks today since we alighted our ship and I have received all unframed Arts and have received only 1 of 4 frames Arts and this was a few weeks ago. Could I please follow up on the other 3 frames arts? I am in Aus and cant all overseas, would be great if you could email me. This is the second time I have purchased from PWG and haven’t been disappointed yet but am really looking forward to receiving the rest.

  • Sandra Hobbs

    Artwork took over 6 months to arrive. No communication from PWG until I called for 3 weeks straight. Did not like having to pester gallery agents. When I purchased last group told my particular piece was readily available. Told by phone agent indeed it was out of stock. Supervisor finally got on my order and had artwork sent out. Previous orders fine however. By the way my order was paid in full on purchase.

  • Stephen & Annette Bourke

    Hi Guy’s we have just returned to Tasmania, Australia after a 35 day wonderful cruise to Hawaii and return on the Sea Princess 10/05/2016. We would like to congratulate three members of your team for opening our eye’s to the world of art. We were able to purchase a number of pieces, our pride and joy being a Michael Cheval “Enigma” Dye Sublimation. Could you please pass our thanks on to Daniel Conochan and his team Pav & patrick as they all broke out of their paradigms during and after auctions. We hope our paths will once again pass.

  • al

    I have bought maxs brittos and agams has always been a pleasure and was treated great

  • Melanie and Paul

    My husband and I recently made a large purchase of art while on our Mediterranean cruise 5/2019 on the NCL Star. It was something we always wanted to do and finally made it happen on this cruise. We never would have felt comfortable buying this many pieces at once without the help of Cassandra Schirmer. She and the auction team she was a part of (Aleks from Belarus, Lucie Yandova from Czech, Barend Smit from S. Africa, and Alison) made us very comfortable in purchasing from Park West. She answered every question and concern we could possibly come up with while making us feel like part of their little art family.
    This was the best experience we’ve had as we have attended prior cruise auctions by Park West on Carnival twice but never felt completely comfortable with purchasing. I’m happy to say we are going on 2 more NCL cruises with our families this time (Alaska and British Isles) and are hopeful we might see some familiar faces again. Every piece we purchased shipped in perfect condition with the frames and matting specified by us within 2 months of disembarking. We plan on purchasing more art from Park West in the future without any hesitation.

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