4 Ideas for Beating Post-Cruise Blues

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We’ve all had post-vacation blues from time to time—whether it hits you when you disembark or finally arrive home, it’s easy to become bummed out going back to the grind.

Post-cruise blues can occur when returning from a long or particularly pleasurable voyage. With cruise lines offering itineraries featuring warm and exotic destinations, coming back home to normalcy may put you in a funk that feels very real.

The post-cruise blues typically wear off over time, but if you’re looking to stay in a sunshine state of mind, follow the tips below.


Unpack and Clean

Unpacking and organizing immediately after a trip can be therapeutic. It offers a way to transition from the cruise back into normal life and routine. By delaying the task, your unpacked luggage serves as a reminder of your fun vacation.

Similarly, take some time to clean or de-clutter your home. Cleaning can help put you in the right mindset to be productive.

Tidying up can also be a preemptive measure prior to your cruise. If you spend a little time cleaning your living space before vacation, knowing you have a clean home to return to can make the transition easier.


Enjoy Your Mementos

Park West Gallery display art

Photo courtesy of Bryan and Donna

Take time to relive the cruise through souvenirs and photos. Organize, edit, and share your favorite photos and find the perfect spots in your home or office to display keepsakes from your trip.

When collecting art with Park West Gallery during a cruise, you not only have something beautiful to remind you of your cruise, but also a great work of art to display for years to come. Infusing your home with art can both brighten it and be a daily reminder of the cruise you enjoyed.


Have a Buffer Day

Park West Gallery A Moment of Peace II Itzchak Tarkay

A Moment of Peace II” (2005), Itzchak Tarkay

Depending on what your schedule and your cruise itinerary allow, consider planning an extra day or two after the actual trip to help you readjust. If your trip is seven days, having an eighth day off before going back to work or school can ease the transition.

Think of it as a vacation from your cruise that gives you time to reflect, rest, and prepare for what lies ahead.


Book Another Cruise

port everglades world record

Port Everglades in Florida (Photo courtesy of porteverglades.net)

Nothing quite beats the post-cruise depression like planning your next cruise. Think about what you loved about your cruise and what you want from your next one and start researching. Beating the blues is easier when you can look forward to a future vacation!

Not only can attending art auctions at sea with Park West introduce you to new artwork and friends, but new experiences and everlasting memories. New to Park West or need a refresher? Check out our tips for attending art auctions in style.

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