The Enigmatic Women of Itzchak Tarkay Come Alive in This New Spring Collection

Few artists understand beauty in the way that Itzchak Tarkay did. A legend in the figurative art movement, Tarkay’s works are instantly recognizable.

A spiritual cousin to Toulouse-Lautrec and Henri Matisse, Tarkay specialized in showing the elegance of the female form through his alluring women caught in moments of repose.

Park West Gallery has proudly added 36 works from the late great Israeli master to our 2018 Spring Sale—20 of which are unique works. You can view the full collection HERE.

The artwork featured in this Spring Collection is normally reserved for special collector events, but Park West is making it available to all of our collectors—with discounted pricing—for a limited time.

These 36 works show off Tarkay’s versatility and mastery of technique. His mediums range from mixed-media incorporating watercolor and drawing to acrylics, etchings, and aquatints. The artist’s skill with graphic works is also on display with a breathtaking series of serigraphs, hand-signed by the artist himself.

This collection showcases the visual poetry that defined Tarkay’s artistic career—a career that was tragically cut short when the artist unexpectedly passed away in 2012.

Fortunately, works like these remain to remind art lovers of his towering legacy. Tarkay is known around the world for mentoring a generation of artists like David Najar, Yuval Wolfson, and Mark Kanovich, but collectors primarily know Tarkay for his timeless portraits of women.

He once famously remarked that, “Everything we want and need can be found in a female form”—a quote that acts as a kind of mission statement for Tarkay’s entire body of work.

His explorations of the aesthetics and psychology of women at rest are memorable, fascinating, and undeniably beautiful.

With both graphic and unique works available, this special collection is an ideal opportunity to finally collect a work by Tarkay.

However, this is a limited-time sale, ending on April 13, so be sure to contact Park West’s personal art consultants at 1-800-521-9654, ext. 4, or as soon as possible!



10 Responses to The Enigmatic Women of Itzchak Tarkay Come Alive in This New Spring Collection

  1. James T. Daly says:

    Among my Itzchak Tarkay collection I have a unique acrylic on canvas Silence Amongst Friends, #119547. I am interested in selling it.

    • parkwestgal says:

      Thank you James! Our Client Services department will reach out to you in regards to your Tarkay artwork.

  2. Elizabeth salvaris says:

    I have some Tarkay artwork I would like to sell.

  3. Mary Beth Costantino says:

    I am looking for a watercolor Tarkay did of his family in a park on a carousel.

    • parkwestgal says:

      Thank you for your interest in Tarkay’s art, Mary Beth. Our gallery consultants should be reaching out to you soon, but feel free to follow up with us here: Contact Us

  4. Stella says:

    I would like to sell my Tarkay serigraph, signed 5/9 p.p. (Publisher’s proof) and framed
    Thank you

  5. Rocky says:

    What is the price range for a unique acrylic on canvas Tarkay?

    • parkwestgal says:

      Hello Rocky! We provided your information to our gallery consultants, and they will reach out to you with more information. You may also request information with the following form: Contact Us

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