“Why Shouldn’t Art Be Pretty? There Are Enough Unpleasant Things in the World”

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Sur le bord de la Mer

Pierre Auguste-Renoir (Feb 25, 1841 – Dec 17, 1919)

Born on February 25, 1841 in Limoges, France, Pierre Auguste-Renoir was a famous French painter whose paintings are probably the most popular, well-recognized, and frequently reproduced images in the history of art. His work presents a vision of a forgotten world, full of sparkling color and light.

Renoir was involved with “The Society of Painters, Engravers and Sculptors,” which was founded in 1874, and witnessed the birth of Impressionism. He did not take up original printmaking until he was 50 years old and in 1892, he did his first lithograph, a portrait of his son Pierre.

Renoir once said: “Why shouldn’t art be pretty? There are enough unpleasant things in the world…”

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