Top 10 tips for your next cruise

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Photo Credit: Katherine Stewart

Photo Credit: Katherine Stewart

1.  Leave One Day Early

Travel to the departure port the day before your cruise. You won’t have to worry about delayed flights and other travel woes when you are trying to make it to the ship before the all aboard announcement.  Not only will you get a good night’s sleep before you board the ship, you can get some extra sightseeing in, too.

2.  Board ASAP

 If you travel to the port the night before or live close by, arrive at the cruise terminal by 11 a.m. Most ships allow you to board around noon. The earlier you board the ship, the sooner you are likely to have your bags delivered to your room; sometimes even by the muster drill.

3.  Mid-Ship Cabins

Did you feel sea sick last time? This vacation, book a cabin on one of the lower decks located mid-ship. You’re less likely to feel the sway there. For extra measure, an old crew tip is to eat green apples and drink ginger ale to settle your stomach.

4. Eat Late

 If you can, try booking your dinner reservation for the late seating. This way you can spend more time enjoying the ports and you won’t have to rush back to get ready for a formal night.

5. Seating Requests

After you eat lunch on embarkation day, head down to the dining room and check out the seating assignments. This is the best time to switch tables if you do not like where you are sitting.

Courtesy of Tom Mascardo

Courtesy of Tom Mascardo

6. Unpack and Relax

 Unpack your suitcase to have more room in your cabin. One of the biggest perks of taking a cruise is going to different destinations without packing and unpacking. Suitcases can be stored under the bed, and to save even more space, try fitting your carry-on bag inside your larger luggage.

7. Leave the Hair Dryer

Leave the hair dryer at home. Your cabin will usually have one stored in one of the vanity drawers. This will save space and make your suitcase a little lighter.

8. Branded Credit Cards

If you have a preferred cruise line, look into their loyalty credit card. Many will give you double points for onboard charges so you will want to use it for most of the transactions on your trip.

9. Take the Stairs

 If you are able, take the stairs when possible. The stairs are faster during high-traffic peaks around dinner and show times. Plus, it will help you burn off some calories from the delicious desserts.

10. Attend the Art Auctions

Last but not least, don’t forget to check out the Park West auctions and seminars! It’s a fun and exciting way to broaden your horizons and see new work from our artists. Every auctioneer and team has their own style, so you will never see the same show twice.


Park West Art Auction

Park West Art Auction

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  • joe.giorgione

    Sean O’Conner aboard RCCL Explorer of the Seas and his team did a fine job and made the experience of fine art enjoyable!

  • Albert Owens

    Hi to the Park West gang!

  • Carol Ang

    I am delighted with the artwork I bought on board the Volendam. My thanks to the informative friendly Park West team.

  • Eddie Chapman

    Enjoyed the service we received from John Wick upon the Norwegian Epic.

  • Lori V Childs

    Christopher McCloskey on the Statendam was one of the best i have ever dealt with at Park West. So friendly, entertaining and Scottish ! I will be contacting him personally for any future art. I cant wait for my new Max to arrive !

  • Christopher Popp

    Had a great time at the art auction aboard the Carnival Conquest the week of December 14, 2014.

  • Heather Weber

    Had a GREAT first art auction experience aboard the Liberty of the Seas the week of January 12, 2015. Can’t wait to partake in more auctions!

  • Michael

    Chris and Nichole on the carnival glory were outstanding! Lots of great art headed our way.

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