Cruises in 2015: Better prices, better health

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Creating memories, meeting new friends and good prices are among the reasons to consider a cruise in 2015. Photo courtesy of Princess Cruises.

Need a reason to go on a cruise in 2015? Tell your boss it will improve productivity and health.

As Cruise Fever reports, there are plenty of reasons for taking a cruise in the coming year, among them being lower prices and potential health benefits.

According to “An Assessment of Paid Time Off in the U.S.,” a study by Oxford Economics commissioned by the U.S. Travel Association earlier this year, unused time off of work harms U.S. productivity. Though managers and employees recognize that time off leads to higher productivity and health benefits, Americans left an average of 3.2 paid time off days on the table in 2013.

“Despite the myriad benefits of taking time off, American workers succumb to various pressures—some self-imposed and some from management—to not take the time off to which they are entitled,” said Adam Sacks, President of the Tourism Economics division of Oxford Economics, in a written statement. “Leaving earned days on the table harms, not helps, employers by creating a less productive and less loyal employee.”

A total of 61 percent of surveyed employees viewed time off as improving physical health, while 55 percent said it improves mental health. Managers were higher at 76 percent and 67 percent for improvements to physical and mental health, respectively.

Employees in the report said coming back to work after taking time off gives them a feeling of renewal, being refreshed and ready to focus.

Cruise Fever also says taking a family vacation on a cruise can lead to new, cherished memories. Cruise liners are beginning to offer a variety of accommodations for vacationers, whether it’s for single travelers or multiple families, in recognition of this. These accommodations, along with innovations like robots serving mixed cocktails, are offered to guests aboard the Quantum of the Seas in 2015. Click here for more details on the future of cruising.

An overhead view of a family-connected cabin in the Quantum of the Seas. Image courtesy of Royal Caribbean.

An overhead view of a family-connected cabin in the Quantum of the Seas. Image courtesy of Royal Caribbean.

If prices or time are a concern, Cruise Fever reports cruises are more affordable and can be quick jaunts. For instance, Carnival offers 12-night cruises for as low as $40 per person, while Royal Caribbean has seven-night cruises starting at $45 a night per person. Additionally, cruises can be as short as two to five days to the Caribbean or Bahamas.

Other reasons include:

    • Opportunities to visit multiple places and cultures
    • Making new friends
    • Romance
    • Visiting exotic locations

Need another reason to take a trip on the high seas? Check out the on-board art auctions organized by Park West Gallery. They provide an exciting way to learn about art and broaden your horizons while on vacation. Park West even offers the chance to meet with its artists on cruise ships. Click here or here for more information on Park West Gallery’s auctions and artist appearances.

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