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Tim Yanke's painting in the President's Home at North Dakota State University.

Tim Yanke’s painting in the President’s Home at North Dakota State University.

Tim Yanke’s “Strength in the Herd” painting, donated in support of North Dakota State University’s annual Bison Bidders Bowl earlier this month, has found its home and now occupies a prominent spot in the president’s residence at the university. The generous donor who won the artwork in spirited bidding said he thought it looked like it belonged there.

We agree.

“You are definitely now part of the Bison family forever with your beautiful piece of work proudly displayed at the President’s Home on campus,” one of the program’s directors, Pam Perleberg, shared with Tim, who was the official artist for the event. She said the university president plans to commemorate the painting with a plaque describing the work. (Prior to the event, Tim shared details of the painting on video.)

Congratulations to the university on the success of the event and to Tim, not only for being a great painter, but for becoming part of the NDSU Bison family forever. (Go Herd!)

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  • Pam Perleberg

    We are so proud to call Tim Yanke a friend, and “Once a Bison, Always a Bison”! THANK YOU!

  • Shari Vickery

    Absolutely beautiful.

  • Barry Erickson

    Tim we love your work, we have several pieces through out our home, We are happy being a Bison, we enjoyed meeting you and your lovely wife on a VIP cruise. To the world your dragonflies and Americana are beautiful. You all should check out his work, it just speaks to you. Tim Lots of luck, we hope to meet up with you again.
    Gayle & Barry

  • Joe Brasells

    Love your work but have been waiting 6 months for the one I purchased at a Park West in Florida, and they keep telling me they can’t contact you to find out when I will get it. So I will not be buying any more of your work

  • Suzan Morris

    We love our Tim Yanke Dragonfly. It hangs in a place of honor in our home where we can enjoy it everyday!

  • Martin Fereday

    That deserves a drink next time we bump into each other at a bar. Congrats.

  • gilberto rodriguez

    Felicitaciones Tim siempre con tu buena FE te Admiro mucho un abrazo

  • pam

    Jim Yankee is a wonderfull artist

  • Paula Durnford

    I only want to tell you a joke:
    What did the Daddy Buffalo say to his little buffalo son while he was leaving on the school bus?

  • Shawn Hennessey

    We love you scribble dude!!! You are the best & can not wait to see you again. Look us up when you are in town!

  • Terry Parker

    Can’t find ANY pieces of art showcased. I hate this site. I want to SHOP for art, and maybe read a few bios. This is a magazine with few pics

  • Bettie U and Doug H

    We just purchased the Kokopelli Dancer by Tim Yanke while attending a VIP Park West Gallery event. We are happy to finally get one of his pieces.

  • Kim. H

    Love our Navajo bison, big thunder headdress & 4 directions paintings….ever day intrigued by the series of numbers & the mystery of the words. Thank You!

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