Autumn de Forest Paints First-Ever Mural at Miami’s Wynwood Walls

Having already exhibited her art in prevalent museums and galleries by the age of 16, art prodigy Autumn de Forest added some street cred to her impressive resume by painting her first-ever [...]

Art Prodigy Autumn de Forest Named in Teen Vogue’s ’21 Under 21’

Art prodigy Autumn de Forest had a special message for those attending the 2017 Teen Vogue Summit on December 1 and 2. “When you have something to offer that is unique…it does not matter your [...]

Autumn de Forest Reminds Us to Love One Another in Teen Vogue

We can turn to experts or surveys to tell us about how young love looks in modern times, but why not go to the source? Teen Vogue did just that by requesting eight young artists, including art [...]