Igor Medvedev and the Importance of Preserving Vanishing Visual Miracles

During his world travels, the late great painter, sculptor, and printmaker Igor Medvedev talked about his desire to preserve “vanishing visual miracles.” These were scenes of small villages, [...]


Behind the Artist: Anatoly Metlan

Artist Anatoly Metlan is inspired by the world, so in turn, he inspires the world with art that celebrates its beauty and cultures. Born in 1964 in Yalta, a Ukrainian city on the coast of the [...]


Feminine Elegance, the Art of Emile Bellet

Emile Bellet discusses his artistic influences and the meaning behind the elegant feminine forms often depicted as the primary subjects in his works.


Vanishing Visual Miracles: The Art of Igor Medvedev

Igor Medvedev discusses the meaning behind his work and the importance of developing a dynamic composition in each painting.


Artist Birthdays December 8 – DIEGO RIVERA, ARISTIDE MAILLOL

Today's artist birthdays.


Henri Matisse and Modern Art on the French Riviera

The Philadelphia Museum of Art presents Henri Matisse and Modern Art on the French Riviera.