Auctioneer Spotlight: Dave and Lesleigh Wallensky

Many of our Park West collectors develop friendships with the art teams over the course of their vacations. Here’s a chance to get to know them better as they share their favorite adventures in [...]

Celebrating Mother’s Day with 7 artists

Mother’s Day is all about celebrating motherhood and maternal bonds, whether it is one’s own mom, grandmother, sister or other loved one. Read on to see how some of the Park West Gallery artists, [...]

Visual Art Triumphs at London’s 2012 Summer Olympics

An array of sculptures, murals and performances are peppering the city as part of this special event.

Park West Gallery Artist Series Presents: Olympic Artist Hua Chen

Olympic artist Hua Chen talks about his artistic background and education in China.

Park West Gallery Hosts APACC, A Special Evening with the Arts

Asian Pacific American Chamber of Commerce is hosting their second networking event as guests stroll through the galleries of fine art on Thursday, September 25, 2008 at Park West Gallery.