Park West Gallery Represents Michigan as 2010 American Art Awards Judge

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American Art Awards, Park West GalleryPark West Gallery was honored to be chosen as this year’s Michigan representative for the “2010 Prestigious Hall Of Galleries” that judged The 2010 American Art Awards; Park West Gallery was also selected as the Michigan judge in 2009.

Actor Thom Bierdz, who plays Phillip Chancellor III on The Young and the Restless, founded and hosts the annual art competition. Bierdz recently gave an interview to Canyon News about the awards:

This year, artists entered the online competition not only from America but from Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Macedonia, Sweden, Belgium, Israel, Romania and Taiwan.

Bierdz explains, “Artists from everywhere enter any of the 55 categories. I help them decide which categories their art fits into. Because I am the co-founder of this amazing opportunity, I am not allowed to enter my own art, and I also do not have a vote in who wins. The galleries are the only ones who vote, and that makes perfect sense to me.”

Visitors to can see the judges page highlighting 25 impressive galleries. “We try to get the best gallery in each state,” Thom says, enthused. “Park West, our Michigan gallery, has 63,000 square feet!”

Download the full article [pdf]

The exposure for the winning artists will be substantial given that the results of the 2010 American Art Awards will be distributed to over 30,000 galleries, collectors and artists; the winning artists’ information along with their artwork also will be displayed on the American Art Awards website for an entire year.

Park West Gallery congratulates all of the talented artists who entered this year’s competition!

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