Park West Gallery Brings Art and Entertainment to the Lone Star State

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PARK WEST GALLERY customers provide wonderful feedback about Park West artists and art auctions. We are proud to share the following compliments from some art collectors who recently enjoyed a Dallas weekend getaway with a fantastic art auction staff and a couple of Park West artists

“Richard and I had a fantastic time in Dallas at the Park West weekend event with Marcus Glenn and Leslie Lew. Although we have been collecting art for several years at cruise ship auctions, art festivals and a couple of Park West land auctions, this was our 1st weekend event. We loved it!

Your team worked so well together; we arrived late Friday evening and everything flowed seamlessly for the rest of the weekend. We had not purchased a ‘master’ work from Park West previously, and although we found one we really liked (a Picasso Imaginary Portrait), we were very anxious about making that ‘leap’. The Art Team spent a lot of time with us, educating us and helping us to feel comfortable with our options and our decision.

We also purchased originals from Glenn, Gockel and Ilyayev and many members of the team spent time with us, readily available to answer questions. We did not feel pressure from anyone, which was crucial for us, as we respond very negatively to ‘pushy’ or aggressive salespeople. Had we felt pressured, we most likely would not have purchased anything at all. We appreciate the patience demonstrated to us.

Richard and I have been attending auctions since the early 90s. Early in our marriage we went to bank foreclosure auctions in Houston almost every weekend for entertainment (we didn’t have any money to buy anything; we just watched and had fun). We have been to over a hundred auctions. Chris was the most entertaining auctioneer we have ever encountered! We had a blast! Not only did he have us laughing for 3 straight days, the rest of the crew – Rebecca, Sam, Tiffany, Ashlee, David, Jason and Simon (and I hope I didn’t leave anyone out, because all who were there participated!) – were fantastic straight men and fall guys for Chris’ antics, and it wouldn’t have worked nearly as well without them.

Marcus Glenn was also great fun, especially during Saturday night’s dueling pianos. He was a good sport and was as much fun as we had expected he would be. (How can someone create art like that and not be a lot of fun?!) The highlight of Saturday evening was an impromptu a cappella performance by Tiffany. She was fantastic, and although it didn’t really fit into the venue (the pianists went straight into Queen after her Phantom!), as a classical music lover, I loved it! (Loved the Queen as well.)

We think that your group has a great chemistry, and without it the weekend would not have been as much fun. There was a great balance between the serious educational stuff (critical when you are thinking about spending a small fortune and making a big leap in your art collecting) and the cutting up and having fun to release the tension of spending all that money! Your team has got the balance down to an art, and they made it easy and fun to spend our money!!! We think that you should keep this team together, and we hope that you will include us in a future event hosted by this same team.

We sincerely thank you for including us,”

Laura & Richard R.
Fort Worth, Texas

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