Park West Gallery Artists Meet Their Collectors at Sea

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Artists often tell us that a highlight of being represented by Park West Gallery is the chance to meet collectors of their art in person. Park West artist Tim Yanke frequently sails with Park West at sea, affording him the unique opportunity to mingle with art auction guests. Tim shared with us the following thank you letter he received from some Park West customers who were quite pleased to make his recent acquaintance, and to collect one of his paintings.

“Hi Tim,

We hope this note finds you well. Last week we were able to pick up the piece you painted for us from the Park West Gallery VIP Cruise on the Freedom of the Seas we sailed on together.

We had to let you know how pleased we are with the work. We couldn’t have asked for better if we were standing over your shoulder. You caught everything that was meaningful, and the title was most apropos. We are still trying to decipher some of the numbers and letters. That’s what makes the piece unique, fun, and interesting.

It is hanging just above the TV so it is always in our line of vision. Again, thanks for the great work. We hope we get the chance to cross paths with you again. We enjoyed sailing with you and having a few drinks together. Should you ever be in the Tampa area, please do not hesitate to look us up.”

Mike & Janette W.
Tampa, Florida

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