Original Pino Paintings in 2016 Pino Collection

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Known for his vivacious interpretations of women and lifelike family scenes created from his childhood, meticulous artist Pino was known to be a true perfectionist. After his death in 2010, Pino left behind an extremely limited number of original paintings as well as hand-embellished giclées.

As the primary dealer for Pino’s estate, Park West Gallery is proud to present the 2016 Pino Collection exhibiting a vast collection of original paintings and graphic works.

Pino Afternoon Tea Park West Gallery

Afternoon Tea” (2004) Pino unique acrylic painting on canvas

Throughout his career, the fine artist exhibited an extraordinary style all his own using a combination of Impressionism and realism. Diverging slightly from classical Impressionist ideals, Pino’s paintings include tight details around the hands and the face contrasting with the loose, flowing strokes of the rest of the painting.

“Pino painted with very loose brush strokes, except when he painted the hardest things to paint,” Park West Gallery Director David Gorman said. “You’ll have artists that are phenomenal painters, but when it comes to faces and hands they’re lacking in their execution”

"Mediterranean Dreams" (2008) Pino Giclee in color on canvas with hand embellishments.

Mediterranean Dreams” (2008) Pino giclee on canvas with hand embellishments

Pino’s striking paintings speak to the artist’s sheer talent and understanding of movement and emotion. Each work of art exemplifies the Impressionist ideals of expressing feeling through the painting while also displaying realist features. As a sought-after illustrator, Pino’s mastery of the human form goes back to his early career illustrating artwork on more than 3,000 books.

“Although he painted with loose, gestural brush strokes, he tightened up in the elements that mattered: faces and hands. This attribute set him apart from his competition and is the hallmark of a Pino painting,” Gorman explains.

Pino family, mother's day

A Time to Remember” (2005), Pino giclee in color on canvas with hand embelishments

Park West Gallery’s 2016 Pino Collection features three original Pino paintings — a truly rare find for the waning number of artworks left by the artist.

“The stars have to really align for you to be in a room where a Pino painting is available,” Gorman says.

"The Blanket Shaw" (2006) Pino

The Blanket Shaw” (2006) Pino unique oil painting on canvas

The Pino collection also offers a number of limited-edition giclees. The works of art were all hand-embellished by Pino himself and feature the artist’s classic subject matter, women and families.

View the entire 2016 Pino Collection including original watercolors online or at Park West Gallery in Southfield. You can also contact our Gallery Associates if you are interested in gifting a work of art this holiday season.

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