New Year, New Booboo Stewart: We’re Entering a Whole New Era

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As the wolf Seth Clearwater in The Twilight Saga, the powerful Warpath in X-Men: Days of Future Past, a mischievous son of Jafar in the Disney television film franchise Descendants, Luca in Good Trouble, and Willie the ghost in Julie and the Phantoms, Booboo Stewart is well known as a vital and handsome member of some beloved and legendary television and film ensembles. But now, with a new hairdo causing quite a stir online, the actor, artist, and musician is carving a path all his own, a path that also has his fans buzzing.

In conjunction with Park West Gallery, Booboo Stewart saw his debut solo art exhibition, Things I Don’t Know How To Talk About, take flight last year in Park West’s New York Soho Gallery and then later in Las Vegas, at the Park West Fine Art Gallery in the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. The collection was a reflection of Stewart’s personal experiences, emotions, and internal monologue as the celebrity actor struggled with falling in and out of love, processing generational pain, navigating the showing of vulnerability as a public figure, and feeling lost in the world. Using just pens (a lot of pens!) and paper, a myriad of intense feelings poured out of Stewart with precision and unquestionable artistry as he worked away in his Los Angeles studio in preparation for the exhibit.

In 2023, fans poured into the galleries to meet Booboo, watch him create art live, and catch a glimpse of his impressive art up close. Today, his fans are aghast by Stewart’s physical transformation in ditching his famous long locks in favor of a striking new buzzcut, but his pivot into art will not have come as a surprise to his nearly 2.5 million Instagram followers. This is because Booboo has transformed his social media page too. It is now more of an art account with a smattering of mentions and photographs of his successful life as a musician and screen actor. It’s not just his hair, Booboo Stewart is evolving right before our eyes.

Art is something that Booboo Stewart has been using as a way of exploring emotions and processing joy and grief throughout his entire life. Before his exhibit moved to Las Vegas, the artist told us that with his pens and paper as a medium for self-expression. His artwork plumbs the depths of his family history and experiences in and out of romantic relationships, but Stewart is quick to note that the best part about showing art for him is learning about how others see and feel it, and knowing that they will assign meaning to each of his works of art that speaks to their longing and experiences.

We will certainly see Booboo Stewart bring exciting new characters to life on the screen again someday soon, but right now, his artwork is speaking volumes about the man, friend, partner, son, and human being he has been in the past, is continuing to evolve into today, and will become in the future. This is a thrilling new chapter in an already wonderful artistic story, and we at Park West Gallery are excited to be a part of it.

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