Advanced Auctioneer Training is Set to Make WAVEs in Michigan

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Auctioneers are at the very front lines of the Park West business. We didn’t get to be one of the largest private art dealer in the world by accident! The Park West auctioneers, whom our collectors meet, chat with, and in some cases, follow from ship to ship around the world, have reached the peak of passion for art. They’ve also reached the peak of joy for educating through seminars. And, of course, they’ve reached the peak of dad jokes. These jokes make the crowds gathered for our thrilling sea day auctions laugh out loud, with bid cards and champagne flutes in hand. Now, we’re calling our top auctioneers back to dry land to achieve even more, for themselves in their own career, for their team, and of course, for our collectors.

That’s right, it’s time for Park West’s Auctioneer advanced training! Held at our Michigan headquarters, this immersive training session from March 7 – 14 will focus on four key elements:

  1. Elevating a sense of WONDER at what is possible for our auctioneers in their career with Park West.
  2. Instilling a renewed sense of limitless ADVENTURE on cruise ships traversing the waterways of the world.
  3. Doubling down on how to further VALUE your work and your journey within the company, as well as the work your team does for guests every single day.
  4. And teaching you how to EMPOWER yourself and your team to go even further for our collectors, to educate and engage and enlighten, and ultimately, to infuse more joy, knowledge, and loyalty at every turn.

Park West is dedicated to growing, learning, and becoming even more of a trusted and beloved name in the art world, around the world. We want our auctioneers to grow too! We know that you have limitless potential and so this advanced training back on land is designed to help you do just that — wonder more, seek adventure, value your work, and empower you to become so much more for us, for your collectors, but most importantly, for yourself. We are extremely excited to make WAVEs with you this month!

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