Meet the Artist: 10 Questions with England’s Clare Sykes

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Park West Artist Clare Sykes

Artist Clare Sykes

Clare Sykes knows a thing or two about beauty.

This astoundingly accomplished English artist is an expert when it comes to capturing the majesty of the natural world on canvas. Her compositions practically vibrate with texture and life, which is a remarkable feat, particularly for a self-taught artist.

Because Park West loves connecting our collectors with our artists, we asked Clare 10 questions to help you get to know her better. Be sure to check out her fantastic artwork throughout the Q&A and enjoy!

1). When did you first realize you wanted to become an artist?

About six years ago. I’ve always painted since I was a child—drawing animals and flowers, anything full of life and color. But I had never really gotten into it full time until a carpal tunnel operation on my left hand left me unable to work for three months. So I picked up a paintbrush with my right hand and started painting. I lined the walls in my tiny apartment, mainly with landscapes, seascapes, and florals.

After those three months, I contacted a few UK art publishers and received a message back from the largest. We met and I received a contract to work with them. My driven passion for creating put me on a path to build on a professional career in the art world.

"Summertime Magic" (2018), Clare Sykes

“Summertime Magic” (2018), Clare Sykes

2). What inspires your art?

My inspiration comes from everything around me. Whether it’s taking my dog for a walk around my local rose gardens or just watching the bees and butterflies on the lavender outside my window.

3). Have you been particularly influenced by any artists?

Yes, the outstanding Simon Bull, one of the iconic artists of our time. Like me, he also paints prolifically with an abundance of color. He has been a dear friend and true inspiration throughout my journey.

4). You call yourself an “Organic Texturilist.” What is that?

When you’re creating art as an “Organic Texturilist,” the idea is that the artwork grows as if a tree would grow from a seed out of the earth, reaching toward the sky. I always keep an organic element in the story of my art, whether it’s trees, florals, skies, or rolling seas. I add texture as my final element for everyone to see and feel with their eyes and emotions. It helps me share my journey, my energy, and my process.

"Travelling Imagination" (2018), Clare Sykes

“Travelling Imagination” (2018), Clare Sykes

5). Can you describe your usual process for creating a work of art?

I start all my artwork with a base color. Then I add layers. For example, if I was painting a floral work, I would paint my centers and build leaves around the edges. That would dry for a day and next I’d add the petals mixed with paint and paste to create high-definition impasto. I add more leaves, stems, and fun splashes, and finally my signature. I then spray all of my art with a resin-based varnish to protect it for years to come.

6). What do you want collectors to take away from your art?

I’d like my art to fill the walls of collectors around the world with a sense of me smiling back through the artwork. I want them to feel like they are walking through a room that has been encapsulated with happy energy, color, and texture, a room that brings their imagination face-to-face with mine.

"Summer Slides 1" (2018), Clare Sykes

“Summer Slides 1” (2018), Clare Sykes

7). What do you enjoy doing when you’re not painting?

I love meeting with friends for tea or coffee at the seafront. Friends are the color of life. My journey has been blessed with many beautiful souls that have believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. I also enjoy dog-walking, meeting new people, and taking short trips to experience the vast beauty of the UK.

8). What is one of your favorite travel destinations?

I would say the most beautiful place that I have visited would be Santorini in Greece. The Mediterranean holds a special place in my heart. I lived there for many years, and it’s influenced my laidback lifestyle and colorful creativity.

"Hidden Bay" (2018), Clare Sykes

“Hidden Bay” (2018), Clare Sykes

9). Do you have a favorite color?

My favorite color would have to be turquoise, the color of the most beautiful seas and skies. My second choice would be grey and hot pink—that color combination has always attracted me.

10). You’ve mentioned before that your dog, BB, has been by your side since you began painting. Is he a good artist’s assistant?

My BB has been on my artist’s journey with me since the beginning, and his tail has definitely picked up every color of the rainbow. He always lies by my door, watching me work. I even think he winks when he really likes a particular piece!

Clare Sykes with her dog BB

Clare Sykes with her dog BB

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