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If you’re not already a fan of the Park West Gallery Facebook page, then you’re probably missing out on our daily Facebook poll questions. Park West Gallery asks the questions, and then our growing community of art enthusiasts, art collectors and artists weighs in with all sorts of insightful answers—we’d love your input too!

Recent questions include:

  • If you could have any work of art in the world what would it be? Pretend that money is no object! (post/read responses)
  • What is the first work of art that you purchased, and what made you buy it? (post/read responses)
  • What is your favorite work of art hanging in your home right now? (post/read responses)

To participate in the discussion: simply log on to Facebook and click “Like” on Park West Gallery’s page. It’s that easy!

Facebook page, Park West Gallery

Today’s Facebook poll question is: What does art mean to you?

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