Explore the colorful dimensions of Eric Dowdle’s Stratascapes

Stratascape Eric Dowdle

“Rome” (2016), Eric Dowdle.

Eric Dowdle invites viewers to explore his fun folk art, and has partnered with Park West Gallery to take collectors on a new adventure with his 3-D Stratascapes.

Dowdle creates colorful and whimsical cityscapes that capture the personality of a city. He says he loves painting in the traditional, two-dimensional format, but desired to create artwork that was more interactive. That is when Dowdle decided to take his popular folk art into the third dimension.

“To me, the three-dimensional art is engaging. You’ll look at it and you’ll go ‘I never noticed that’ and it just takes you in,” he says.

Dowdle spent four years perfecting the concept of Stratascapes, transforming the paintings collectors already know and love into eye-popping works that combine painting and sculpture.

To accomplish the three-dimensional appearance, each Stratascape is composed of 12-13 layers of colorful woodblocks meticulously assembled by hand. Once completed, Dowdle inspects and signs every Stratascape.

“They take a while to put together, but each one is hand-crafted and there is love behind each one,” he says.

Eric Dowdle Stratascape

“South Beach,” (2016), Eric Dowdle

Park West presents three Dowdle Stratascapes to collectors: “South Beach,” “Rome,” and “Noah’s Ark – Under the Sea.” These Stratascapes are as visually complex and awe-inspiring as the history, stories and people that inspire them.

Park West has the honor of being the first gallery to reproduce his artwork. Collectors have the opportunity to not only collect Stratascapes, but acquire his folk art as digital artwork on metal.

Dowdle is a contemporary folk artist and host of the TV show “Painting the Town.” He explores the in’s and out’s of a town, talks with locals and historians and integrates these details into his beautifully bold imagery.

“Folk art is something you can look at time and time again, you’re going to find something new each time,” he says.

Stratascape Eric Dowdle

“Noah’s Ark – Under the Sea” (2016), Eric Dowdle

For more information on collecting works by Eric Dowdle, contact our gallery consultants at 800-521-9654 ext. 4 or sales@parkwestgallery.com.

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  1. Janice Elia says:

    What are the dimensions of “Noah’s Ark-Under the Sea?”

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